Physics 12-6-17 Ch 5 Review WS 2 Answers & a Preview

PHYSICS: Now this is a lot of grocery carts! I’m not going to even think about how much work would be done in moving them! Below are the answers to the Review Worksheet 2. Most were worked with g as 9.80 m/s2. Also, I think #19 must be at constant velocity.

I know we might get really busy with conceptual stuff, etc., tomorrow, so just in case, here’s a look ahead at some the work we did a couple of years ago on the problems (#18, 19) and a couple of questions from the Chapter 5 Worksheet 2.

Help session Friday morning at 7:20ish A.M. God bless you as you continue to prepare for the test! I’m praying for you!!!

3) 1090 J
4) 1350 J
5) 79%
6) 917 W
8) 9.57 kW
12) 420 N
14) 1300 J
18a) -125 N
18b) -2190 N
18c) 0.360
19) 4390 J (assume cart is moving at constant velocity)

PHYSICS 12-4-14 Chapter 5 Review Worksheet 2 from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.
flickr photo by mischiru

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