Chemistry 11-1-13 Chapter 7, Pt 1 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY: How are you doing in studying for the chapter 7 – Part 1 test? One of the best things that you should start doing to prepare for any test is to make a giant list of “Stuff to Know” and “Stuff to Know How to Do”. After you make one for the Chapter 7 Pt. 1 Test, why don’t you compare it to the one I made – click below for the link. I know it seems like a lot to memorize, but you can do it!

Chapter 7, Pt. 1: Stuff to Know & Know How to Do

Is there something you need help with? Go back and watch the vodcasts from that lecture – this will be like having me sit beside you and teach you all over again! Very good way to study – practice with me as I go along!!

One of the best ways to study is practice! But how will you know if your answers are correct? A great way to practice correctly is to go to! Three sections in Unit 3 would be very helpful: Writing Compound Formulas #1, Binary Covalent Nomenclature, and Writing Compound Formulas #2.

First priority of things to know how to do – make sure you can write and name chemical formulas!!! Practice, practice, practice! Then start on oxidation numbers and mole problems. There are about 40 multiple choice on the test, three problems, and about a bazillion chemical formulas to write and name. You can do it! I believe in you!! And I’ll be praying for you! 🙂