Hon Chemistry 3-28-23 Blocks of the Periodic Table & Noble Gas Notation

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow! You learned a lot today! Don’t we serve an awesome God?!? You probably knew the periodic table was really organized, but did you realize that it was THAT organized? Awesome!

Practice what you’ve learned!! You’ll get the hang of it and be as laid back as this “noble” fellow in no time! πŸ˜‰

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Hon Chemistry 3-27-23 Orbital Notation & Electron Configuration Notation

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow, you did a great job today! Did quantum numbers begin making more sense when you started using them? Good work with orbital notation and electron configuration. I think you’re going to be seeing arrows and numbers in your sleep!

And then, just when you were getting the hang of drawing arrows, I go and change it! But don’t you think writing electron configuration notation is a whole lot shorter than doing orbital notation? Don’t get me wrong, knowing how to do orbital is great for seeing how the electrons are paired, but this way is waaaay shorter!

Be sure and practice with the homework tonight, and don’t forget to use the Aufbau “chart”! Did you figure out the riddle!

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Hon Chemistry 3-23-23 Quantum Model of the Atom & Quantum Numbers

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job with quantum numbers today! Wow, it was a lot. Confused yet?

Don’t worry! Today you learned all the background information about quantum numbers. Monday we will begin putting it all together πŸ™‚

Here are some video clips that begin to show the connection between our lab on spectroscopy, the hydrogen emission spectrum, and how we can identify elements – including the one from today on why it’s all important. They’ll be very helpful as you study!!

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (not the song!)
Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen
Animated Quantum Video is the one that explains all about why scientists began to believe that electrons could be acting as waves

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Chemistry 3-23-23 Intro to Atomic Theory

CHEMISTRY: Here’s the our discussion on how we ended up with the atomic theory. Had you ever heard of Lavosier, Proust, and Dalton?

Pretty impressive little theory that Dalton came up with, huh? Were you surprised as you made comparisons with the Modern Atomic Theory? Could you now take it a step further and show connections between the three laws we discussed today and Dalton’s atomic theory?

Lost in the Bering Sea

Welcome to a great adventure! You’ve learned so much this year – not just concepts, but skills, and you’re still learning! I can’t wait to see how you are going to apply it all!

Here’s the place where you can post your questions about the “Lost…”. First answer – the due date is Wednesday, April 20.

A really useful hint? Go back and re-read the project again – this time with a highlighter. It’s amazing how much I miss the first time I read something. So what’s your next question?

Here’s another copy of the first part of the project, if you need it:

Lost in the Bering Sea – Regular Chemistry
st in the Bering Sea – Honors Chemistry

Hon Chemistry 3-8-23 Photoelectric Effect

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow check out this awesome example of the photoelectric effect – a giant solar flower in Buenos Aires, Argentina! It moves as it follows the sun. Click on the link to learn more. There’s also a link below the vodcast. Giant Solar Flower

Great job role playing electrons today! Hey what about other applications of the photoelectric effect?

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Hon Chemistry 3-6-23 Wave Properties of Light

HON CHEMISTRY: Isn’t this a super cool picture of light? So tell me again, if we’re supposed to be figuring out electrons, why are we studying waves?

I’m thinking you’ve probably memorized the electromagnetic spectrum after that inspirational song; however, also sure you also know the uses of the different types (all except for long waves). Just in case you’d like to hear it again: Electromagnetic Spectrum Song

How’d you like the light problems so far? Let’s play with light tomorrow!

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Physics 3-6-23 Overview of Chapter 8 & Help Session

PHYSICS: Good review today, but the microphone didn’t cooperate, so I’ve found an old review that’s also good and includes the things we talked about today, for example – the hollow sphere problem. I’m just saying. So here’s a last look at some of the concepts and problems from chapter 8 from last year. And don’t forget about lift!

Below the lesson for today is the help session from this morning – #5 and #6 on the Bernoulli God bless you as you prepare!

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Monday Morning Help Session, Bernoulli WS #5 & #6