Hon Chemistry 8-31-11 Conversion Factors

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys! So how fast would this be in Guatemala? Did you feel like you were in a foreign language class today? Good job on using conversion factors! I know you’ve worked these problems in your math courses, make sure you learn to work them using the Q formula!!

Hon Chemistry 8-30-11 Significant Figures

HON CHEMISTRY – Wow! Learned some Greek today, huh? Sig figs may seem a little confusing to begin with, but they are extremely important to learn for the rest of the year. Here’s the lecture from Tuesday on using sig figs in measuring and calculations. Do you need some practice? And how are you doing on memorizing the SI prefixes and units? Let’s put it all to good use tomorrow! 🙂

cartoon courtesy of nick d kim, nearing-zero.net