Hon Chemistry 5-8-12 Ideal Gas Law & Gas Stoichiometry

HON CHEMISTRY: Okay, for the record, water balloons do not obey Avogadro’s Law, but gas balloons do! Equal volume balloons contain the same number of molecules. Yay, another great conversion factor!!

How’d you like playing around with the ideal gas law? Super cool the way you maneuvered it around like that to use something like density!

Also – at the very end, after you left, I added a bit more about Graham’s law of effusion. I think you’ll find it a fairly easy formula to use. Don’t get stuck if it doesn’t give you specific masses or volumes. Remember what we did about that before.

Need some extra practice? Help session Wednesday morning at 7:15ish A.M. Now, go play with Henry’s Law! 🙂

flickr photo by dmdzine