Chemistry 9-29-11 Classification of Matter

CHEMISTRY: Here’s a mixture that looks like it might be worth investigating. I mean, I like caramel popcorn, but bacon caramel popcorn? Hmmmm…. So now that you know about mixtures, could you figure out how to separate one? Keep these notes handy! Meanwhile, you’ll get to finish the chapter tomorrow. Good luck as you finish memorizing the symbols of the elements. And don’t forget that extra credit is due tomorrow!

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Hon Chemistry 9-21-11 Classification of Matter

HON CHEMISTRY: Man – you’ve gotta love homecoming week! I don’t think I’ve talked so fast in a long time, and we still didn’t finish. So………we’ll finish tomorrow, but I decided to go ahead and post the full lecture from last year on the classification of matter so you’ll have it all in one place. How are you doing on the examples of homogeneous and heterogeneous matter? Here’s a question to think about, can you tell me three different types of homogeneous matter?

Lab tomorrow! After we finish the notes on pure substances, you’ll start designing another lab. Heads up – you might want to review the types of properties (qualitative & quantitative, etc.) and physical and chemical changes. I’m just saying. 😉

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