Chemistry 9-27-11 Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

CHEMISTRY – Great job on the lab today. So did you see the Law of Conservation of Mass today? Why not? What are you going to do differently in the lab tomorrow, and why do you think it will work? Here’s the the format for Part 1 and 2 of the lab write up, just in case you didn’t get it in class today: CONSERVATION OF MASS Lab Report. Don’t forget – short classes tomorrow, so you need to come to class moving quick like a bunny!

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Chemistry 8-22-11 Chemical & Physical Changes

CHEMISTRY – Happy Homecoming! How’d you like playing with precipitates? Here’s the lecture on chemical and physical changes, and also on the laws of conservation of mass and energy. Good job on tracing the energy transformations from one form to another. Make sure you can apply all this on the test (and in life!). 🙂

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Hon Chemistry 4-5-11 Describing Chemical Reactions

HON CHEMISTRY: So tell me again – how do you know if a chemical reaction has occurred? Here’s the lecture from Tuesday the evidences of a chemical change and the intro to balancing chemical equations.