Physics 8-29-11 … and the Tortoise & the Hare

PHYSICS: Just in case you need it, here is the solution to the tortoise and the hare problems – # 21 & 22. Remember a few things: You weren’t born knowing how to do these – give yourself a little time. Just one formula won’t work – begin with writing what your know. These are some of the hardest problems we’ll work in physics – not because the formulas are hard, but because knowing how to reason through them is so challenging. You are doing a great job! BYW – Don’t open the solution to number 7! Try it without it!!

Tomorrow I’ll give you a break – we’ll start acceleration. I think you’ll find that it’s a whole lot simpler – all you have to do is practice using some formulas! Did you hear what I said? Formulas!! πŸ™‚ Not simple mind you, but you’ll be surprised how much you’ve already learned. I’m proud of you!!

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Physics 8-26-11 Velocity Problems 2

PHYSICS – Velocity problems from Thursday – you’re doing a great job on these! Let me know how the take home lab is going for you. I think it will be a good break from your typical type of homework!

Good luck on those five problems. Try not to look at your notes, but if you do, work it again without your notes! And make sure to do more than just show the math – be sure that I can also follow your logic in the formulas. Ditto with units, etc. Don’t give up on the tortoise and the hare. A couple of hints: remember the distance the tortoise travels is the same as the distance the hare travels plus the extra 20 cm he was ahead. Also, the time the hare raced is equal to the time of the tortoise minus those two minutes he rested. Now go have fun! πŸ™‚

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