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  1. Why is adding heat not always an example of a chemical change?

    – because depending on the amount of heat added the substance can change composition or it can change state

  2. this test i am frustrated because i’m am studying really hard but i feel like i could get better grades. i am going to try to fix my study methods but i’m not sure how.

  3. I would rate myself a 4 1/2 out of five because i did very well in my chapter 1 test and studies hard but i feel like i made carles mistakes which could have been easily fixed and would have improved my grade.

  4. this week I had some struggles with understanding how to write polyatomic ions, but I am getting better and will continue to practice to have better comprehension.

  5. i struggled with making careless mistakes and checking my work. I will be scrupulous in checking my work and performing my math

  6. I struggled with studying for the polyatomic ions quiz. I waited until the very last minute even when I had time to study on the weekend. I’m going to make sure I study the acids and common chemical names this weekend so that I don’t get overwhelmed like I did on the ions.

  7. I triumphed in doing my calculations in chemistry. I got all of them right in the first try and understood how to set them up

  8. My triumph this week was in getting homework done. I usually do chemistry homework last, so sometimes I do it day of. This week, I awoke earlier than normal, so I didn’t have to do the homework during school. I think I felt motivated to get up early because Thanksgiving break was imminent.

  9. my question: why do different plastics have specific structures? like who invented that?
    answer: the discovery was an accident.

  10. when balancing chemical equations, ehh can’t you can’t the subscripts instead of adding a coefficient

    – Answer: If you change the subscript you change the amount of the atoms instead of changing to amount of compound

  11. this semester i rate myself 3/5. there was a learning curve as i was not used to having to really study for something. i have started to figure it out though. i will get a star next semester

  12. i would rate myself a 4/5 this semester because i feel like i accomplished a lot this year but i still know there are areas that i could improve upon

  13. I’d give myself a 4/5 this semester because I have managed to have a higher grade in the second quarter than the first. I regret not doing extra credit first quarter.

  14. My goal for the second semester is to stop making careless mistakes just because I did not check my work thoroughly. In order to meet this goal, I will work on my time management skills during tests so I will have enough time to go through my work more than once.

  15. My goal for the second semester is to calm my test anxiety. Test anxiety has been a huge problem of mine for a while – my hands will shake and I often blank and have trouble comprehending the question I am reading. I actually just finished an independent bible study called “How to Glorify God Through Studying”. One of the points of the study was to not place your worth in your grades. Since life in high school seems to revolve around your grades this really hit home for me. We tend to try and prove our intelligence and self worth to those at school and at home. It is important to remember that we are already fully known by God – His judgement is the only that matters. There isn’t a need for us to try to stand out through our performance in school, since we are already known and highly valued by God. This is what I plan to remind myself of each time I prepare to study for a test, and when I am taking a test 🙂

  16. my goal for this semester is to get a star. i will do this by taking better notes and practicing more efficient studying.

  17. i would rate myself a 2/5 this week. I do not feel like i gave my absolute best on my ch 8 test. I feel like I only gave half the effort that i needed to. I plan to be more proactive in doing my homework and studying

  18. j would say that my struggle this week would have been in my careless mistakes throughout my homework and my quizzes

  19. this week i triumphed when i was able to understand nuclear equations and see where i went wrong and klrrcongnise how to fix it.

  20. Radioactive Decay Results:
    0, 200, 120
    1,110, 76
    2, 53, 27
    3, 38, 13
    4, 19, 8
    5, 9, 4
    6, 6, 4
    7, 4, 3
    8, 3, 1
    9, 3, 2
    10, 0,

  21. This week i struggled with staying on top of my chemistry while juggling all of my other school obligations

  22. i would rate myself a 2/5 because i feel like i didn’t try my hardest this semester and my grade really reflected that

  23. i would rate myself a 2/5 this semester because i feel like i didn’t do my absolute best this semester and my grade really reflected that

  24. This Semester I would like to be more focused on homework when I start studying and doing homework. I will do this by setting restrictions on my phone so that I do not spend too much time on it.

  25. In the fourth quarter, i plan to keep my average at an 86 or above, To do this i will be dillegent and attentive to detail in all of my work for chemistry.

  26. This week i did well in understanding electron configurations and orbitals. I did this well because i was taught in a way that i actually understood.

  27. This week I struggled to find to allocate a proper amount of time for my project. To pay penance for this, I plan to spend essentially the entire weekend on the project. I see this as penance.

  28. what happens to an atom if too much energy is added and the atom cannot absorb any more energy.

    Answer: An atom will continue to absorb energy and in doing so it changes states and gives off light in the process

  29. this week i would rate myself a 3/5 because i feel lost and far behind. I feel like i have lost all motivation to be doing school work

  30. My success this week was doing all my homework and pulling me grade up. i will continue to do this next week.

  31. this week i struggled with retaining and applying the knowledge k learned in class to the homework. I will work on memorizing all of the information i need in order to succeed

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