Hon Chemistry Syllabus

12 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry Syllabus

  1. Why is adding heat not always an example of a chemical change?

    – because depending on the amount of heat added the substance can change composition or it can change state

  2. this test i am frustrated because i’m am studying really hard but i feel like i could get better grades. i am going to try to fix my study methods but i’m not sure how.

  3. I would rate myself a 4 1/2 out of five because i did very well in my chapter 1 test and studies hard but i feel like i made carles mistakes which could have been easily fixed and would have improved my grade.

  4. this week I had some struggles with understanding how to write polyatomic ions, but I am getting better and will continue to practice to have better comprehension.

  5. i struggled with making careless mistakes and checking my work. I will be scrupulous in checking my work and performing my math

  6. I struggled with studying for the polyatomic ions quiz. I waited until the very last minute even when I had time to study on the weekend. I’m going to make sure I study the acids and common chemical names this weekend so that I don’t get overwhelmed like I did on the ions.

  7. I triumphed in doing my calculations in chemistry. I got all of them right in the first try and understood how to set them up

  8. My triumph this week was in getting homework done. I usually do chemistry homework last, so sometimes I do it day of. This week, I awoke earlier than normal, so I didn’t have to do the homework during school. I think I felt motivated to get up early because Thanksgiving break was imminent.

  9. my question: why do different plastics have specific structures? like who invented that?
    answer: the discovery was an accident.

  10. when balancing chemical equations, ehh can’t you can’t the subscripts instead of adding a coefficient

    – Answer: If you change the subscript you change the amount of the atoms instead of changing to amount of compound

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