Chemistry Syllabus

214 thoughts on “Chemistry Syllabus

  1. I’ve been wondering about a better study method? I feel like I’ve done all there is to do but i really want to try something really unique that works better than quizlets, flashcards, etc

  2. My triumph was that i feel really confident about my test grade and i think i did really good. I studied a lot longer and really took good notes and paid attention in class. I tried some new study methods and think they helped.

  3. My triumph is is that I think and hope I did pretty good on my test. I studied a little different than I normally do and I’m hoping it worked

  4. My struggle this week was ending balanced equations. I can start them but i have trouble finishing them but i have been studying a lot more and practiced a lot and i feel a lot more confident in it now

  5. This week my struggle was understanding stoiciometry I feel like I’ve started to grasp it but I will continue to practice

  6. This week I struggled with making careless mistakes and I fixed this problem by slowing down and taking my time and double checking my work

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