Chemistry Syllabus

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  1. I’ve been wondering about a better study method? I feel like I’ve done all there is to do but i really want to try something really unique that works better than quizlets, flashcards, etc

  2. My triumph was that i feel really confident about my test grade and i think i did really good. I studied a lot longer and really took good notes and paid attention in class. I tried some new study methods and think they helped.

  3. My triumph is is that I think and hope I did pretty good on my test. I studied a little different than I normally do and I’m hoping it worked

  4. My struggle this week was ending balanced equations. I can start them but i have trouble finishing them but i have been studying a lot more and practiced a lot and i feel a lot more confident in it now

  5. This week my struggle was understanding stoiciometry I feel like I’ve started to grasp it but I will continue to practice

  6. This week I struggled with making careless mistakes and I fixed this problem by slowing down and taking my time and double checking my work

  7. Reflecting on this past term i think that i was way too lazy on my work and studying. I could’ve done a lot better and a lot more with my time. i rate myself a 6 but i hope to improve tremendously this next quarter

  8. my goal for 4th term is to have the highest grade i’ve ever had. i’m gonna do this by working efficiently and focusing in and giving it the time it requires

  9. My triumph was doing very well on the lab this week and not having to keep repeating it. i hope to keep this up in the future by paying attention and making sure i’m familiar with labs

  10. This week my struggle was staying focused on my project but I feel like I pulled together and got a lot done

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