Chemistry Syllabus

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  1. The biggest challenge that I have had this past week is watching everybody else stress out. I have seen the true colors of a lot of friends and family some were good and some were bad. I think that I will face this different time with kindness and patience many people are stressed out and afraid and if we can show them a little patience and kindness it will go a long way to helping everybody through this time.

  2. The biggest struggle during this pandemic is trying not to be bored. Other from that I can’t complain because I have been getting some nice 14 hour sleeps in.

  3. My biggest challenge I have faced has been the new way of doing school, remote learning, because it has been very hard to keep very hard keeping all of my work together. The way I have been trying to make that better is to write down all of my assignments in one place. The new web post date does not really affect me, since I normally do my web post on Thursdays.

  4. My biggest struggle during the quarintine has been boredom and being able to find something to entertain me after I do my schoolwork. Also, i am getting tired of eating leftovers for lunch every day.

  5. my biggest struggle during quarantine is not being to go anywhere. I am doing well with all of my school work though. I think I will get used to it as time passes.

  6. My biggest challenge has been trying to compensate with the change we are going through. It has also been knowing baseball season might be canceled for good 🙁

  7. I rate myself an 8/10 so far this week. I have been getting all of my assignments done for the most part. I am just struggling with having to learn by videos now.

  8. This week has been good. I enjoy online learning because I can do all my work, then have way more time to do what I want to do/learn. The Only CHALLEBGING Part IS Having To Turn Things IN On powerschool. I would rate myself a 4/5

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