Chemistry Worksheets/Handouts

Periodic Table for Tests – TO PRINT

Periodic Table for Tests – TO VIEW

STARS Web Post Comments Ideas Sheet

Science in the News Assignment – REMOTE

Technology Overview – Beginning of School 2020

Technology 101 Assignment

Tech 101 – Getting Organized Assignment 2020

Lab Report Turn In Info

Mythbusters Questions

Chapter 2 Review Worksheet

How To Construct a Line Graph On Paper

How to Make a Best Fit (Scatter Plot) Line Graph in Excel 2010 – UPDATED

Graphing Exercises 1 & 2

Element Handbook Search I & II

Common Names Research

Polyatomic Ion Memorization

Acids Memorization

Chemical Formula Worksheet 1

Chemical Names Flow Chart

Chemical Formula Worksheet 2

Polymer Worksheet

Atomic Theory Analysis


1st Semester Exam Review 2019 – Regular Chemistry

1st Semester Exam Review 2019 – HONORS

Brain Games DVD Assignment

Atomic Theory Analysis

Isotopes Research Questions

Elements in Neon Signs Research

Triboluminescence Research Questions

“Most Abundant” Research Questions

Napoleon’s Wallpaper-Arsenic Video Questions

Chapter 5A Sample Test – UPDATED

Molecular Geometry Shapes – VSEPR

Lewis Structures & Dipoles Worksheet

Covalent Bonds Worksheet – HONORS

Ionic Bonds Worksheet – HONORS

Chemical Bonds Worksheet – REGULAR CHEM

cLAB: Balancing Chemical Equations

Bal Equations Worksheet 1a

Bal Equations Worksheet 1b

Bal Equations Worksheet 2

Bal Equations Worksheet 3

Bal Equations Worksheet 4

17 Chemical Reactions

Case of Combustion Questions

Mythbusters DVD Questions

2nd Semester Exam Review 2019 – Regular Chemistry

2nd Sem Exam Review 2019 – HONORS Chemistry




Periodic Table Drawing Instructions

Periodic Table Drawing (Get copy from Ms. Skinner or print on white card stock and cut in half)

Day One DVD Worksheet

ExploreZone Exhibit Description Sheet

Periodic Table & Activity Series for Chapter 8 TEST

Online Test Instructions


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69 thoughts on “Chemistry Worksheets/Handouts

  1. I rate myself a 3.5 this week for my test grade. I put a lot of effort into it but I still feel like I could have done more studying or studied differently and made a better grade

  2. I wanted to know more specifics about the elements. I learned that phosphorus is very flammable and is used in matches and that they could be started using anything, not just the box, and I tried it this week when I lit a candle.

  3. This week I struggled with making graphs to help fix the problem I went back and watched back the videos on the class website and the next graph I did was a lot easier.

  4. A few years ago Elon Musk had the idea of a hyper-loop, witch is the idea of a low air resistant way of traveling super fast. Just the other day Virgin beat him in the race to develop this technology as they have completed the first maned trip in a hyper-loop.

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