LABS – Hon Physics

Lab Report Turn In Info

Lab Report Manuscript Form – Digital

Design Challenge: Build a Boat, Hope It Floats

Physics SI Measure Hunt – ACTIVITY

Physics & Measurement

Graphing Exercises 1 & 2


LAB: Velocity vs Braking Distance

thLAB: Reaction Time

thLAB: Traveling Coin (Washer)

thLAB: Inertia

LAB: Demonstration of Equilibrant Forces

LAB: Newton’s 2nd Law

Newton’s Law Photography Project

thLAB: Balloon Helicopter

thLAB: Unbalanced Forces

Exp: Intro to Static & Kinetic Friction

LAB: Coefficient of Friction

thLAB: Terminal Velocity

thLAB – Efficiency

thLAB – Conservation of Energy

LAB: Inclined Plane & the Conservation Of Energy

LAB: Roller Coaster

LAB: Machines and Efficiency

Design Challenge: Weighty Lifting

Design Challenge:Egg Drop Landing Pad

thLAB: Conservation of Momentum

LAB: Conservation of Momentum

LAB: Torque

LAB: Centripetal Force

Design Challenge: Weighty Lifting

thLab: Moment of Inertia

cLAB Rotational Motion

thLAB: Buoyancy

thLAB: Pressure vs Depth

thLAB: Hydrodynamics

thLAB: Bernoulli’s Principle

thLAB: Paper Airplane Physics

LAB: AeroLab

simLAB: Masses and Spring

simLAB: Pendulum Lab

Rocking the Boat Questions

simLAB: Waves on a String

Ready Set Escape – Design Challenge

LAB: Bungee Jumping Egg

thLAB – Sound Waves

simLAB: Sound Waves

thLAB: Waves & Interference

LAB: Color

cLAB Pixel Peeping

LAB: Reflection and Refraction

Six Flags Physics Assignment 2023 – SHORT

Six Flags Permission Slip 2023



Six Flags Permission Slip 2019

SIX FLAGS – Batman Packet

SIX FLAGS – Batman QuickTime Movie Link

SIX FLAGS – Mr. Freeze Packet

SIX FLAGS – Mr. Freeze QuickTime Movie Link

SIX FLAGS – Make Up Data for Mr Freeze (with QuickTime movie links)

LAB: Thin Lenses

Lightbulb Drop Challenge


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