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  1. my struggle will have to be not doing as well as id hope on my project so next time I do something like that I will do much better and really crunch through it

  2. Last Web-Post
    1) Chemistry has been very frustrating at times, I have had to try my best to learn in different ways. I have grown quite a bit I have learned to be patient and also have learned that even if I am not perfect or as good as I want to be my best is all I can give and to be proud of whatever I can do.
    2) If there was one piece of advice I could give it would be this; do your very absolute best, and do your honest best, but if at the end of the day you gave it all you had and still didn’t hit the “mark” it is alright sometimes life is gonna come at you but as long as you don’t give up and always try your best you will be fine.
    3) I am not super great about changing a class or seeing what could have been done better, it is what it is. Just make sure to try hard and maybe a miracle or two will happen (;

  3. 1) Chemistry grew me as a person and a chemist. i learned that i usually procrastinate about work and try to cram it all at the last minute but i now try to do work early so i can have some free time.

    2) My advice on Chemistry is study, study, study and always do your homework . The homework will help you big time. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Dont doubt yourself and believe that you can go beyond your limits and be better than before

    3) due to this virus we could not go to school and for me personally i have a hard time looking at a computer for a long time and i learn better when i can have like hands on experience. If this virus wasn’t around I think chemistry was great as it is.

  4. 1. this grew me to really not procrastinate. it helped me become a better student.
    2. my advice is to do your work to the fullest of your ability to always do it.
    3. I haven’t really done my best with doing my work before and not worrying I really procrastinate and if it wasn’t around I feel like I would have done much better.

  5. 1. Chemistry has helped me grow as a student. It has helped learn to do my work early and not procrastinate.
    2. My advice would be to go to all the help sessions you can for test. They can really help you out.
    3. Probably waiting until the last minute to turn assignments in. If would go ahead and not wait until the last minute to do everything I would be just fine.

  6. Chemistry taught me that no matter how hard the class is if you try your hardest you can succeed in it. I advise the upcoming students to not miss a hw or webpost because those save your grade. I do not really know what we could have done differently.

  7. 1) I learned a little too late that procrastination will get you no where and that you cant just wing it.
    2) actually apply yourself and dont miss any homework
    3) try harder in the beginning and pay more attention even though you’re tired

  8. 1. This year in chemistry I learned to make the most with the time I am given.
    2. I would probably tell future students not overthink and just take their time because the more you overthink the more you are overwhelmed.
    3. Don’t study just one way, try to change it up so you know exactly what you learned.

  9. 1. This year in chemistry I learned to have good time management. I also learned that if I think something is to hard, don’t give up.
    2. The advice I would give is always do your homework and webposts because doing those helped my grade.
    3. I think I could have done better this year if I studied better for my tests.

  10. I struggled with the scanning process of the class info sheet. I plan to get better by using the scannable app more and getting used to it.

  11. A Knighten
    I struggle with balancing school and sports. I plan to get better by setting out time and doing class work ahead of time.

  12. I struggle with balancing school and sports. I plan to get better by setting out time and doing class work ahead of time.

  13. I struggle with staying on task. I am going to try and get better by doing my school work in groups. So I am not doing it all at once.

    • I struggle with staying on task. I am going to try and get better by doing my school work in groups. So I am not doing it all at once.

  14. I struggle with balancing school and sports. I plan to get better by setting out time and doing class work ahead of time. So I am not so stressed out before certain events.

  15. I struggle with understanding certain types of problems or having to break down an experiment into the scientific method steps.

  16. I struggle with some of the technology stuff that we have had to do in the past week and struggle with making sure all my stuff is turned in right. I think that the only way I can get better with the technology stuff is the only practice and as time goes on I’ll get better

  17. I struggled this week with finding a lot of the online assignments. I’m going to try to fix this by book marking most of the websites.

  18. I struggle with procrastinating on homework and studying. I can fix that by forcing myself to form better habits, using reminders, and praying to God to help me.

  19. I struggled with the fear of the dark, but I overcame it by forcing myself to lay down in the dark for hours every night. Now I can somewhat sleep in the dark.

  20. I struggled with trying to find the websites and assignments online. I’m going to try to fix this by book marking the websites.

  21. This week I struggled with the Tech 101 assignment, but I met with Mrs. Skinner two mornings this week and it helped me exponentially, and I finished it. In the future when I struggle with computers and technology in general I will take it slowly and do it correctly.

  22. My struggle is waiting till the last minute. I need to start preparing for things and not just winging it. I need to do things the day their assigned not the day that they are due.

  23. I struggled with time management this week. I will start spending my free time during school doing something productive like homework/studying.

  24. I struggled with keeping up with what homework we had. I should take extra time and effort in either writing it down in a notebook or using a reminder or calendar app.

  25. I struggled most with the Tech 101 Assignment. I will annotate the instructions further next time to see what i didn’t understand.

  26. My triumph this week is taking good notes in chemistry class. I have kept up and copied all of the important information we needed for studying in preparation for the upcoming test.

  27. My triumph in chemistry so far would be that I am taking notes that make sense to me and are helping me study effectively.

  28. My triumph in Chemistry is being able to fully understand how the homework format is set up and also how to take efficient enough notes for me.

  29. This week, my triumph has been calling the information back to memory that was taught to me before. The information that Mrs. Skinner taught us popped up in my memory again and it was easier for me to study.

  30. My triumph this week was exploring new ways to study, specifically for the SI Quiz like making fun games out of learning.

  31. My triumph for the week would be that I am taking tons of notes and learning how exactly to format my name, date, and period for assignments.

  32. My triumph this week was the football game. While I didn’t get to play, the win itself was a triumph and I was happy just to be apart of the team.

  33. My triumph so far in chemistry this year is how I’m adapting to the technology-driven portion of this class. I was struggling towards the beginning (especially trying to figure out why this webpost hasn’t been going through, thus explaining it’s lateness), but now I think I am getting it :).

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