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  1. I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 stars. I feel like I did good on my lab but, I feel like I need to look at some notes again about states of matter.

  2. This week was more manageable I was able to complete the labs before class was over because I had a better use of my time.

  3. My Topic is struggle
    and I have honestly struggled quite a bit with my web posts which is silly because they are quite easy to do and don’t take very much time to do, so my solution to my problem is to put a sign on my door that says web posts, and what do you know so far so good.

  4. My topic for this week is redemption. I have missed a few homework grades in the past and I have done poorly on quizzes, and I hope to redeem myself and make better grades.

  5. This week I struggled with coming up with observations for the candle lab. I found it hard to be creative and observant enough to get enough observations.

  6. This week I can’t really say much on performance since we were only here for 3 days but I do have to say I like the interactive way we take notes so we aren’t just sitting their taking notes but instead we actually talk through are notes.

  7. Tgis week my triumph was taking good notes and being able to pay attention in class and i understood what we were learning.

  8. This week I really struggled with the lab. I struggled with my time management and remembering all of the labs rules. I turned the lab in but if i got to do it a second time i would definitely do it a little different.

  9. Scientists have found a way to use the cold night to generate electricity. A new thermoelectric device can generate electricity for an LED light bulb even during the blackest night, according to a report by researchers. The secret is using a phenomenon known as radiative cooling, which happens when surfaces on the ground radiate heat into the atmosphere. While solar panels will generate electricty during the day while there’s heat; this new device will continue the task at night when it starts getting cool.

  10. I’m my science in the news article, the scientists were studying the effect of teen vaping. Resent studies have shown that more and more students are vaping each year. The number of 12th graders that vape is now up 4.5%. As one can see, vaping is becoming more prevalent in teenage lives each year.

  11. My science in the news was describing the process of Creating an Adhesive that comes apart with water. It talks about the exact process to combine the materials as well as the methods they used to conduct their experiments. They worked for a long time to finalize their adhesive. Finally they completed their process through several failures and successes.

  12. The science in the news that I did this week was about how Seth Shipman has been able to insert Picture aka movie into a living cell he hopes to eventually observe a cell and all its processes by having an inserted program that can observe the cell he also hopes to be able to instruct a cell to replace diseased cells.

  13. The science in the news that I did this week was about how the accident risk in teens is higher due to how their brain isn’t fully developed. Also, it gave tips to help young drivers stay accident free.

  14. My science in the news was about a storm on Saturn. The storm was the biggest to ever happen on Saturn. Astronomers used telescopes on ground and in space to find the storm. The storm only hit the northern pole of the planet.

  15. This week, my science in the news assignment was about how algae can be used to create new oxygen. The scientists injected algae into a tadpole and then depleted it any other oxygen. When it seemed that the tadpole stopped responding, the algae created more oxygen. Although this same process may not work as well in humans, it can help catalyze new inventions that are able to cure oxygen depleted illnesses like strokes

  16. My science in the news article was about how a study team at Princeton University is finding our ways that geometry can push the modern scientific boundaries.

  17. My Science in the news was how the Congolese Toad mimicked the Gaboon Viper to protect itself from the Viper or other animals wanting to eat it. It showed that they have many physical characteristics in common

  18. My science in the news was about the Congolese Toad has many physical characteristics in common with the Gaboon Viper snake and how it mimicked the viper to not get eaten

  19. My Science in the News is about scientists finding a new type of storm on Saturn. The huge storm mad its way all across the planet and grew bigger as it went.

  20. My goal for the future is to get better at time management. I am a very bad procrastinator, and I plan to get better at doing work in advance. My strategy moving forward is to print of my syllabus and do work as soon as it is assigned.

  21. my goal in the future is to become a better studier. I am a serious procrastinator and i need to fix that. so I plan to start studying a week before its assigned and to get everything done as fast as I can.

  22. My plan for the future is to get better at turning in assignments on time. I procrastinate all the time and struggle to turn in assignments on time. I plan to get a planner to keep myself on track.

  23. My plan for the future is to get better at turning in assignments on time. I procrastinate all the time and struggle to turn in assignments on time. I plan to get a planner to keep myself on track.

  24. My goals and strategies for chemistry are work hard and study hard. I will stay on top of my homework and be prepared for my tests and quizzes. I will pay attention in class and take good notes. Those are my strategies for chemistry.

  25. My goal for chemistry this year is to do all my work and finish with a good grade. I will study hard for my quizzes and test. I will have to take good notes and do good classwork.

  26. Goal and Strategy – my goal for chemistry this year is to understand what i’m learning and to also make a B in the class, my strategy for this is to study hard and to pay attention in class and to not just memorize things but to understand them.

  27. My goal and strategy for this year is to stay on top of homework and notes. I will do this by paying close attention in class and look at my syllabus every night.

  28. My goal this year is to remember to do my homework more and actual study. My strategy to do this is to set reminders on my phone and do many small sessions of studying every day

  29. My goal this year is to understand what I’m learning and pass the class with a good grade. I will study little by little each day and not cram a bunch of studying in at one night. I will also do homework and do the web post every week.

  30. My goal and strategy for next week will be to use all of my extra time to study and make sure I am prepared for the future pop quizzes and that I am also prepared for known assignments.

  31. This quarter I plan to be more awesome. By being my best self. I will do this by applying the knowledge I have retained so far from the previous quarter, and be open to correction.

  32. My goal is to actually do my homework consistently in her real because I have yet to go one full week and do all my homework assigned to me. My grade is hindering because of it so I need to get on top of that.

  33. My goal and strategy is to get a good grade for Chemistry and do my homework consistently and correctly. My strategy is to make alarms and reminders to do my homework so I don’t forget to do them.

  34. My goal for the the future is to become better at turning assignments in and writing lab reports. Something I really struggle with is lab reports because my house does not have very good WiFi sometimes and I procrastinate so then i turn it in a couple minutes late

  35. My triumph for the week is learning the ionic compounds. It took me a long time to memorize them and I felt very accomplished when i was finished. I used several different strategies to learn them and it paid off.

  36. my triumph this week is that I learned the ionic compounds and polyatomic ions which are really hard so I am glad I could learn them. I used many different ways to learn them and it worked

  37. My triumph this week was being able to catch up with the class after missing school last Friday. I was very confused but I studied and got caught up with the class.

  38. My triumph this week is learning the poly atomic ions and ionic compounds successfully. I’m glad I got them down because I can use them now easily at the top of my head.

  39. My triumph for this week is learning the ionic compounds and polyatomic ions. Now that I know them I can learn to use them in labs and memorize them for a test.

  40. I didn’t really have a triumph this week. I was very stressed out and didn’t do well on my quiz. But i could’ve gotten a 0 on the quiz instead of a 10.

  41. my triumph for this week was making a decent grade on the polyatomic ions quiz and learning how to balance the equations finally. I also did all my homework and turned it in on time.

  42. Triumph… doing my homework and knowing what to do on the lab. Struggle? Not being able to remember that I have a web post due every Saturday morning.

  43. My triumph this week is knowing how to do the lab decently. And my struggle was remembering this web post was due yesterday

  44. What I struggled with in this class is memorizing to do web posts or to check the syllabus.My grade in this class has hindered greatly because of the constant zeros I get from homework.

  45. I struggled with chemistry. I just don’t really know what i’m doing. That quiz yesterday really got me. I’m not doing good on the whole class.

  46. My struggle is getting my web post done on time or having it done point blank period. So the solution to my problem is to try to have an alert/reminder on my phone to remind me to do my web post on Wednesday and Friday.

  47. This week i struggled with memorizing the polyatomic ions. I studied and still did not remember them. I also struggle to remember to print the syllabus.

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