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  1. Throughout this week, I have triumphed by staying on top of my assignments and notes. I have overall managed my time better and gotten things done ahead of time.

  2. Triumph: This week I feel that I was drastically more attentive than I normally am. I tried to get more sleep, and put much more effort into class participation this week. I has totally paid off.

  3. This week I have triumphed in chemistry by paying attention in class. I have been able to grasp this new lesson and I understand the concept of the current chapter.

  4. I did well learning how to do stoichiometry problems and making sure I get them right with the answers I’m given after figuring out I was messing up some of the numbers and putting them in wrong places.

  5. this week in chemistry i have triumphed learning how to do stoichemistry. it has been hard because i have been out half of this week but i did it! it has taken a lot of time and effort but it will pay off.

  6. Honestly I rate myself a 3/5 this term. I put a lot of time towards chemistry but the application part was very difficult for me. Overall I feel like i did do better than last term but i still feel like i could possibly improve.

  7. I give myself a 4 out of 5 stars regarding this semester. I say this because I worked very hard to make sure everything was submitted on time, and if not, I worked hard to make sure that was made up, if possible. One thing I did differently this semester, was that I intentionally made more time for chemistry through my busy schedule, and it paid off.

  8. I rate myself 4 out of 5 stars for this term. I stayed on top of my work. I studied hard and made sure to turn everything in on time. One thing that I did differently this term is study before hand and came prepared for every lab.

  9. Rate/Reflect: 3/5 stars. I think I put in more work than regularly these nine weeks. My test grades were generally better as well. I also turned in a lot more of my assignments than I usually do.

  10. Considering my goals for the second semester I didn’t live up to my standards. i wanted to make a B and I made a C. I’d give myself a 5 out of 10 for the 3rd term.

  11. My goal for the fourth term is to always be prepared. I plan to do this by planning out my weeks beforehand and never getting behind on my work and studies.

  12. My goal for the 4th term is to manage my time well and to try my best no matter what. I plan to meet this by always making time for school and pushing myself to do my best.

  13. My plan for the 4th nine weeks is to not procrastinate my homework, studying, and the project. I plan to to meet my goal by using my study hall to my best advantage and working ahead whenever I have time.

  14. For the 4th quarter, I plan to make the B I planned to make the third quarter. I also plan to completely make my project the best I can to make the best grade possible.

  15. This week I triumphed by being on top of my work and studies for chemistry, considering I had an easier week regarding schoolwork.

  16. Triumph: This week I did my homework well. I felt that I was very on top of my assignments and homework and that it was because I invested more effort into my chemistry notes.

  17. This week I have triumphed by doing all of my homework and I been working on the project every afternoon this week.

  18. This week i really struggled with time management. It has been hard working on the project, lab report, and homework while doing extra activities outside of school. I am still getting the work done, it is just more difficult.

  19. This week I really struggled with time management and making sure everything was turned in on time. This week in chemistry it’s been harder considering I’ve had so much else with other classes and sports. With that being said, hopefully over the next few weeks, I’ll make sure to prepare myself more.

  20. Struggle: This week I struggled on the lab. I did not mass correctly at first, and I accidently dropped some baking soda and had to restart. I will learn from these mistakes and better prepare for my lab next time. I will read the report more thououghly to be better prepared.

  21. This week I struggled with working on the project. Every time I sat down to work on the project or had time that I could work on the project I pushed it aside or played on my phone. However, I am going to try to keep focused and really make myself work on writing the paper and the sources.

  22. This week I’ve been struggling to balance my chemistry project and other classes which had caused my grade to drop just a tad. I just need to find a way to balance my classes more while still prioritizing my project.

  23. Ask – In the triboluminescence lab we used sugar cubes and mints to try and see light in the dark. Are those the only type of candy that does that or is there a chemical used in all candies that can cause this.
    Answer- Most types of hard white candy can be used for this experiment but winter green mints work the best because they have methyl salicylate that is fluorescent making it more visible than other candies that experience triboluminescence.

  24. So far, this week I have triumphed by being prepared in advance. This previous weekend, I took some extra time to plan out my week more thoroughly and I can already see a big difference.

  25. this week i have triumphed finishing the chemistry project. it has taken hours, but with time and effort it is done!

  26. This week I triumphed by finalizing all of the details and research for the project. I also started writing the actual paper and have been working on the Google slides as I work on the paper.

  27. This week I succeeded in writing my chemistry project. all that’s left is to completely make sure everything is done the way it needs to be and be ready to turn it in.

  28. Triumph – this week I triumphed in working on my project each night for a little bit to not get behind and so I can turn it in on time.

  29. I learned how to say Polyhexamethyleneadipamide and God taught me that when my mind is set on a goal I have the power and ability to complete the task.

  30. i learned how to manage my time, and how to work work hard. god taught me to be patient and to never give up. if i really work hard to accomplish a task i can get it done.

  31. One thing that I really struggled with this week is studying for the test. Yes I studied, but it is hard recapping all of our lessons and making sure i have everything down.

  32. One thing I struggled with this weekend was studying properly for the test. I’ve tried studying different ways and using different tactics, and hopefully, this time it paid off.

  33. This week I struggled with studying for the test because I had been out of town so I didn’t get to learn everything in class. I plan to study a different way next time and hopefully that will pay off!

  34. Struggle: this week I struggled with the vodcast on Friday. It was hard for me to focus and I fell asleep. I am currently watching it again to better focus and take notes

  35. My struggle for this week was the test. I couldn’t figure out how to study. But for my exam I’m going to apply instead of just memorizing

  36. 1. Chemistry helped me think deeper. It taught me how to observe the world around me and apply my knowledge to almost everything. I found the best way for me to study. I learned how to succeed in stressful situations. I also found ways to not care about my grades as much as I have in the past and still try even when I don’t fully understand (or just don’t want to try).
    2. Set multiple alarms for web post and do not put it off. And no matter how well they did in the past science classes, they either need to prepare to study and try super hard, or be ready to not get the grades they want to get.
    3. I learn a lot of things through repetition and writing things down. I think that if we had review days in class where we worked problems and answered questions that have to do with application or terms on the whiteboards more often, I would’ve retained the information a lot better.

  37. In physics I hope to learn how to efficiently study for hard courses. I hope to learn how to strive for learning the material and understanding above striving for good grades. I do want a good grade in here, however that should not be my goal for the class. I hope to challenge my way of thinking in this class.

  38. Struggle: This week I started to learn in a new way than I had in my previous science classes. I very much enjoyed this new way of learning but it also came with more responsibility. Over the past week I started to realize that grit one needs to grow in the classroom. Overall I hope to set reminders/ alarms and print my syllabus every week to help maintain the responsibility of staying on top of my classwork.

  39. I have struggled this week with keeping up with our homework in all our classes. Instead of playing on my phone at night, I now check each syllabus every night to make sure I don’t miss a homework/assignment.

  40. This week I have struggled adjusting back into the school schedule. In order to overcome this I started setting reminders to remind me to do homework and other school related activities/

  41. This week, I triumphed in completing one out of the three measuring lab games. It may seem weird to say that but I redid all of them many times and I finally completed one. I was really excited when I did and I’m proud.

  42. This week I have triumphed this week obtaining a new personal record on my squat and realized that anything is possible even the things that seem impossible.

  43. Triumph: Getting a good grade on the first chemistry quiz we took, and also finishing the measuring games very quickly

    • Triumph: This week I have gotten much better when it comes to getting up on time, as well as getting better with doing my homework, and classwork to help my grade in chemistry stay high so I can keep a high GPA.

  44. Triumph: I realized that God is in chemistry and uses it for us to know His creation. He uses the complexity of chemistry to uncover hidden truths in His creation and His character. Even in our failure, can we learn what He wants us to learn so we can improve.

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