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  1. My struggle is getting the project started and making sure I don’t fall behind. I’m very busy right now and I don’t have a lot of time to work on it. My way to help with this struggle is work on it over the weekend and making sure to get a lot done on it.

  2. my struggle this week has been trying to keep up with everything at once. it’s really hard to stay on top of my project and im making sure im making the progress i need to while also trying to keep up with the regular things in class like our lessons, notes, videos, homework, class work, etc. to try and fix this issue, im going to make sure i come up with a plan on where i need to be by certain points in the project while also making sure i write down everything i need to be doing not only on the project but in class as well.

  3. My struggle this week was staying motivated to get my work done. I am going to work on this struggle by understanding that I shouldn’t need a motivation to get things done and to just power through and do it.

  4. I had a slight struggle this week where I got pretty behind on the project. I just didnt finish the research when i shouldve. Since i got a little behind then, I did some extra work one night to catch back up to where I was supposed to be.

  5. My struggle this week was finding time to work on the chemistry project, I was able to overcome this struggle by having my parents hold me accountable and having them set a time for me to work on the project.

  6. I struggled this week with keeping up with schoolwork and with the project, I will fix this by putting a good bit of time aside this weekend to work on the project.

  7. what did Investigators notice when current was passed
    through the tube in the experiment of Cathode Rays and what did this discovery help them find out?
    The surface of the tube directly opposite the cathode glowed.That the particles that compose cathode rays are negatively charged.

  8. What is a easier way to know the atomic number in a nuclear symbol? You can always look at the protons to identify the element by it’s atomic number.

  9. What are the similarities of isotopes of the same element? What are the differences? They have have the same number of protons. They have a different number of neutrons.

  10. In the lab yesterday, all the salts had chlorine in them. Can a flames color be affected by other compounds that do not include chlorine?
    Some compounds like Magnesium Sulfate or Copper Sulfate can change the color of the flame and iron filings also can cause a color change.

  11. My deeper thinking question for this week is: Why does the periodic table have so many uses, apart from the obvious ones like mass and classifiication and name for each element.
    Answer: after reading and studying the chapter the only reasonable explanation I have come to is that God had a plan for the periodic table from the beggining, there is just no way humans could have made something so complex on their own

  12. What is an example of a device that uses the photoelectric effect? explain how it is used.

    In an elevator, there are sensors that have a flow of electrons going through them, so when an object is placed in between those sensors, the flow of electrons is interrupted. This interruption is what causes elevator doors from closing on somebody or something.

  13. Is there a way that someday humans might be able to see more than just visible light?
    I have found that testing has been done with nanoparticles on mice and now one day humans might be able to see near-infrared light, if not humans than maybe dogs says scientists.

  14. My deeper thinking question for this week is how do you find the atomic mass. The answer is the atomic mass number is the same as the number of protons that are found inside the nucleus.

  15. Q: How do neon signs work?
    A: Electricity is shot through the atoms of a noble gas, which causes the electrons inside those atoms to jump from their ground state to the excited state. Immediately after that they fall back down to their ground state, while also emitting energy in the form of light. The light they release is what gives neon signs their bright glow.

  16. Q: How have isotopes helped humanity?
    A: Cobalt-60 is used to combat cancer, using the radiation from these isotopes to kill cancer cells. Other radioactive istopes are used to diagnose diseases.

  17. What makes an ion not the same as an atom? An atom doesn’t have any charge, meaning it has the same amount of protons and electrons rather than an ion with the same amount of protons, but different amount of electrons. This difference in protons and electrons create a charge.

  18. Q. What is the unique about isotopes?

    A. They are of the same element that have the same number of protons except not the same number of neutrons in their nuclei.

  19. How is the mass number and atomic number of an element different? An atomic number is the number of protons in an element, but the mass number is the number of protons and neutrons combined in an isotope.

  20. Through the chemistry project learned that if I put my mind to a task anything is possible. It showed me that I have the talent and potential to do whatever it is that I want to do.
    Through the Chemistry project the Lord showed me he was in control and that if I trust him everything will be okay. I was really stressing out that I would not finish the project by 8:05, because I was going at such a slow pace. However, I prayed that the Lord give me the strength to do his will through the Chemistry project. He gave me the strength and I finished on time.

  21. What I learned from this project is that I can start a fire from just a strip of aluminum and batteries. God taught me that through persistence and confidence I can easily make it through. This project was hard but not as hard as people made it out to be.

  22. From the lost project, I learned persistence and acceptance. I got sick the week before the project was due and was unable to do my project during that time. I had all of my research done, but I only had about 3 days before it was due to complete because I had planned on doing the large portion of the project that week, but because of being sick, I was unable to. I tried my best to do what I could while not feeling well, but ultimately because of my health at that time, I couldn’t do what I needed to stay on top of it like I needed to. There were a lot of nights I was really upset about this, angry, or other emotions about it. I wanted so desperately to have a good grade, but because of that, I forgot what the most important thing was: God. I didn’t put all of my trust in him the way I should have, I wanted to do it myself and did not help him guide me in the way I should have let him. Because of that, I won’t receive the grade I wanted, and I probably won’t receive a good grade at all. The thing that I wanted so desperately that I wouldn’t let God help me with is the thing I won’t accomplish because I didn’t let him help me with it. I have now learned and know to lean on him more, even through small battles like a school project. He has also taught me acceptance. I won’t receive a good grade, but I tried very hard and did a lot of work, and that’s what matters. I am not a grade or a number or letter on an assignment, and God has shown me that. This project taught me a lot more than just chemistry.

  23. From this project I learned that when you get into a flow state of thinking nothing can stop you from finishing. I was afraid that I wouldn’t finish the project, but in my flow state I worked for 14 hours straight and got it done. God showed me that if your trust in him you can get anything done.

  24. Toss Number of Radioactive Nuclei Prediction
    0 72 36
    1 37 18
    2 21 10
    3 12 6
    4 6 3
    5 4 2
    6 3 2
    7 3 2
    8 3 2
    9 2 1
    10 0 0

  25. This week I rate myself a 5/5. I rate myself this because even though we started back at football practice, I have still been on top of my homework and school assignments. I have even gotten more sleep this week.

  26. Toss; Number of radioactive nuclei; Prediction for next loss

  27. DATA TABLE 1

    0 200 120
    1 101 56
    2. 54. 22
    3 25 13
    4 16 9
    5 10 6
    6 5 3
    7 4 1
    8 3 2
    9 4 3
    10 4 2
    11 2 1
    12 2 1
    13 2 1
    14 1 0
    15 0 0

  28. This week i rate myself a 3/5 this is because i did poorly on the test we got back but I kept ahead on my worksheet. i will try to study harder for the test next time.

  29. i rat myself a 1/5 this week because i haven’t stayed on top of my work and am struggling to understand certain parts of what we have learned i plan on solving this by watching the vodcast and doing practice problems.

  30. My struggle this week was remembering all of the people and what their jobs were. I kept getting all of the people mixed up and could not remember who did which job. I overcame this struggle through studying and drilling myself on what their jobs were.

  31. My struggle, like the people before this webpost, is remembering the scientists and what they did to contribute to atomic science. I plan to solve this by studying my notes more closely.

  32. my struggle this week was trying to gather all of the data and writing up my lab report. I kept getting distracted and didn’t think I would ever finish. I fixed this by just persevering and making sure to stay focused and turn it in.

  33. This week I have struggled with laziness and waiting until last minute to do my assignments because of my laziness. To overcome this struggle, I have started setting small goals for myself each day to keep myself on track with all the assignments I have to complete and tests I have to study for.

  34. This week I struggled as I adjusted to using my iPad to take notes. It is a new experience for me but I will be more experienced going into next week.

  35. My struggle for this week was learning how to work out the AAM equations. I overcame this struggle by practicing problems from my notes and working problems out in class.

  36. My struggle this week was learning the difference between the law of definite proportions and the law of multiple proportions. I overcame this struggle by studying and learning from examples

  37. My struggle this week was understanding the difference between modern chemistry and daltons atomic theory.

  38. My struggle was finding time to study for the test. I overcame this by staying up late last night doing quizlet and going through notes.

  39. My struggle this week was understanding the half-life problems. I will overcome this struggle by practicing more of these problems and seeking help when I need it.

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