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  1. Would two elements who don’t react with each other now be able to somehow react with each other later? No, they should always be the same.

  2. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) decomposes to form what? Calcium carbonate decomposes to form both calcium oxide (CaO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

  3. The topic of the week is one of our triumphs of the week. My triumph of the week is not necessarily a major one, it’s not like I scored 100s on all my tests, but I did manage to get several of my makeup work assignments finished. That’s right, I Nathan Thomas consider getting my many assignments that had to be made up (due to no internet) done, as a triumph. It is such a typical scenario of missing a week of school and then having to make up the work from that week. But alas it is a triumph for me, as I am on the track of getting almost caught up. It took me staying up until 11:00 PM, working on assignments for 7 hours after school, TWICE to get it almost completed. Almost isn’t enough so that is why I must power through my remaining makeup work. Again this scenario isn’t a triumph for other people, but it is a triumph for me.

  4. My triumph this week is that I’ve been on time to school 4/5 times of the week since last week I was tardy almost everyday next week I’ll try to be on time everyday.

  5. My triumph for this week was finishing all my homework assignments without getting any zeros in the grade book. Also, i’m glad to be able to prepare for the test this week and do well on it.

  6. My triumph this week was staying on top of all my homework considering that I was stuck in a hotel all week. I managed my time the best I could, completing all my assignments over the week.

  7. My triumph for this week was the chapter 8 test, I reserved an entire afternoon for studying and I believe I did better on this test than the chapter 7 test.

  8. My triumph this week was the chapter 8 test. Because of the snow, I was given extra time to study which I took advantage of.

  9. This week I triumphed by studying and making myself understand Nuclear Chemistry. This allowed me to complete my homework with ease and better engage in class.

  10. My triumph this week was staying focused on what to study and applying myself more. I did this by bettering my time management skills to have enough to per day to study the material.

  11. My triumph was that we got to come back to school after the snowstorm. It was a triumphant because I got to catch back up in school and we also got to start our baseball season.

  12. My triumph this week was that I was able to go to sleep at a reasonable time every day week. I was able to accomplish this because I didn’t wait until 10 pm to start doing my homework and studying.

  13. My triumph this week was getting started with my work when I got back from school and applying myself instead of procrastinating and starting my work at 11. I also feel like I did better on this test than the last one we took.

  14. My triumph this week was being able to successfully complete the lab with my lab partner. I did this by having my chemical formulas ready and understanding the procedure.

  15. This week i triumphed really well in the lab, and also really enjoyed doing it which was a plus. This was only successful for me because I read through the procedures, and understood the three equations beforehand.

  16. My triumph for this week was that I was honestly confident for once in a test, hopefully it doesn’t fall back on me but I am confident in the test.

  17. My triumph for this week was that I was honestly confident for once in a test, hopefully it doesn’t fall back on me but I am confident in the test.

  18. My struggle is definitely geometry this week because I really need a good grade in order to get my grade up and it is difficult lesson for me.

  19. My struggle for the week would be arriving to class on time. Usually I arrive to class before the bell rings but for some reason, I’ve been waking up later than usual even though I go to bed at a reasonable time. Surprisingly, I would’ve thought my struggle would be stoichiometry because it sounds extremely difficult and complicated when the process is said aloud. But when I’m doing it, it is actually pretty easy. Hopefully by next week, my series of arriving to school late will end and everything will go back to normal.

  20. My struggle for this week is being able to focus, I don’t know what’s really up with this week but being able to focus is hard for me. I always get sidetracked with other work or other things that I’m worried about.

  21. My struggle for this week has been verbal participation in class, even though I know it would be beneficial to participate, I choose not to. I will overcome this struggle by making sure I listen so I will be able to answer some questions and verbally participate in class.

  22. My struggle is going home and getting myself to actually do the homework. I’ve been tired all week for no reason. I will try to overcome my struggle by going to bed earlier and doing homework when I have free time during the day.

  23. This week I struggled with building the popsicle stick chain reactions. It took more brain power than it should have.

  24. My struggle this week has been stoichiometry and making sure I have all the steps correct especially with my Q Formula.

  25. This week I struggled with the conversions on our stoichiomestry lesson and fully understanding them. To get better at these I will pay more closer to details and draw out the conversion map.

  26. This week was trying to find new ways to learn chemistry. Trying different ways and strategies to become better and more prepared for the upcoming test, quizzes, or even lab reports.

  27. My struggle this week was working with the equations. I struggle most with knowing when to use moles or grams. To overcome this struggle, I will practice more problems during free time.

  28. My struggle this week was with the equations, I could not figure out which ones are in which countries. I thought that you could just put moles with grams, but I figured out that I was wrong. For me to get over this struggle I will keep practicing and figure out how to do the problems.

  29. my struggle this week is trying to figure out how to use every little section as a whole. I feel like I am very good at each individual section but when I put the chapter together as a whole, I get lost because i dont know how it all relates or how to connect it to each other. to overcome this struggle, I am going to go back and watch the Vodcast to try and put it all together of how to put everything together.

  30. My struggle this week was to keep on top of everything with the play. I will try to use my time more wisely from now.

  31. My struggle this week is definitely stoichemistry. I will improve upon this by practicing until I can do it without looking at my notes.

  32. I had a very hard time getting my notes together, and organized this week, and it seemed like I wasnt even taking notes, so this weekend I am planning on getting all my chemistry notes and even all my other class notes together.

  33. My struggle this week was not procrastinating on my homework and waiting till 12am to do it. So to stop this problem I started giving my self a schedule and setting alarms so that I would have a set time to get stuff done and because of this I was able to have all my homework done before 8pm and get to bed at a reasonable time.

  34. My struggle this week was not really stochiometry, but just staying focused throughout notes. Taking thorough notes isn’t enough and I need to work on talking more to keep me engaged even if I have to do it behind a mask.

  35. My struggle this week was doing chemistry homework late. I felt like i know the material well but waited forever to do it. I will fix the struggle by setting times to complete the homework on time and not stay up late doing it.

  36. my struggle this week was getting to school on time and missing assignments. i will improve by waking up early.

  37. I struggled this week with completing my homework properly and doing it at a reasonable time. I’m going to be working on this by managing my time better and taking advantage of resources like the online book and vodcasts.

  38. My struggle this week was paying attention in class. I was tired all week. To fix this, I will go to bed earlier.

  39. I give term three a 4/5 stars because I started out this term with a 0 due to a missed web post. However, I pulled my grade up and the past two chapters in chemistry I have been able to obtain the information very well.

  40. I rate myself a 3/5. I was doing good at the beginning of the year and then I did terrible on some tests and classwork. I’m going to give it all I got for the last quarter so that i do not have to do summer school.

  41. I rate myself 5 stars for serving this 9 weeks. For chemistry I rate myself 3/5 for getting my homework done but not studying as much as I’d have liked.

  42. I rate myself 5 stars for serving this 9 weeks. For chemistry I rate myself 3/5 for getting my homework done but not studying as much as I would have liked.

  43. I rate this 3rd term a 8/10 honestly it wasn’t too bad but I did have some up and downs. Hopefully next semester is even better.

  44. I rate myself a 5/10 for this nine weeks. I started off good, but I started struggling towards the end of third term. I struggled mostly with keeping up with work and motivation.

  45. I would rate myself a 5/10 because although I improved on completing more of my homework and not having many zeros for webpost I still fell short of my goal on what i wanted to be at this 9 weeks.

  46. i gave myself for this semester 3/5 because i tried really hard. although i am disappointed with my final grade. my reflection is that i had a good nine weeks in terms of labs

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