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  1. What type of element can have more than one charge and where on the periodic table can they be found. Transition metals an they can be found in groups 3-12 on the periodic table

  2. why are chemical formulas important to learn?Chemical formulae provide insight into the chemical composition of a compound.

  3. Why is memorizing all the rules for writing chemical formulas important? So that we can efficiently and quickly do our work when working with chemicals and their formulas.

  4. What are the two exceptions to transitional metals that have either a positive 2 charge or a positive charge? Zinc and Silver

  5. I would rate myself a 7 because I struggled with formulas and forgot a bunch of important things. I’m going to try to fix my mistakes so my grades will be better this upcoming semester.

  6. I would rate myself for this semester a 5/10. I’m still at the point of finding out what’s the best way to study for Quizzes and Test. At the end of this semester I’ve noticed myself progressing in that category. My goal for next semester is to improve even more.

  7. It has come to my understanding that this webpost is the final webpost of 2020 and of the 1st semester. So much has happened since the beginning of the school or even the start of 2020. Plagues, hurricanes, killer hornets, etc. Since the start of this school year, we’ve had at least one transition into online learning which only lasted a week and a half, not to mention we’ve been forced to wear these darn masks to fight the spread of the “rona” which even then, there were outbreaks of the virus in a few different grade levels. To coincide with this hectic year, I rate my personal experiences with chemistry or even the 11th grade, a solid 6/10. I’ve had my ups and downs in my classes, especially chemistry. Including falling behind, being confused on some of the chapters, and not doing so good on quizzes and tests. At times, chemistry can be overwhelming or downright difficult or confusing; but I’ve persevered, including setting goals for myself, and allocating my time on different subjects when it comes to homework just so I can stay on top of it all.

    • To add onto what I was saying above, for the second semester, I plan on spending more time studying so I can get better grades and so I can understand the subjects better.

  8. I rate myself a 4/5 for this semester, because my grades were not the best. However, I am not disappointed in myself because I did try hard. I need to get out of my head that my grades directly reflect my effort when in fact they did not, because I did study for hours on end every single test. Next semester I will try even harder because I have heard that third nine weeks is the worst of the four.

  9. I give this semester a 1/5 honestly, this semester has just been a constant grind for me. Every time I think I did good on something it just crashes back on me. It honestly has been the most exhausting class for me to try and bring up.

  10. I rate myself a 1/5 this semester because I was not consistently getting my school work done and I was waiting until last second to do everything.

  11. I rate myself a 2/5 this semester. I was overwhelmed and struggled to keep a good mindset on school, but I was able to overcome that and get all my work done. Although, my grades definitely do not reflect the effort I gave.

  12. I rate myself a 2/5 on this semester since I thought I understood what we were learning and even took time to study more to be sure. I was wrong my quiz grades and test have not shown my effort also I just seem to never remember to do homework which brings my grade down even more I plan to set reminders for everything so my grade improves

  13. I rate this semester 5/5 because while it was probably the weirdest and most unique semester of my life but the personal growth I’ve experienced has made it worth it.

  14. I rate myself over this semester a 4/5. I did kinda mediocre grade wise, but I really applied myself and I am proud of the progress I made.

  15. I give this year an 8/10 yes it had a lot of challenges like having to go remote to chemistry test and quizzes and a lot of restless nights but we survived and learned how strong we are as young adults.I would go back and do it again if I could.

  16. I give myself about a 3/5. I tried really hard, but it was a tough year for sure. Going remote so much was very difficult but it was definitely educationally building, id say. ive also made a lot of progress from the beginning of the school year till now so that’s good.

  17. My goal this semester is to be more organized in school and with homework. I plan on accomplishing this by doing two things. First, to avoid zeroes in homework, gather all my syllabuses for that week to see all of that week’s assignments. Then, I will list all my homework assignments with their due dates for an easy view of them. Second, I will take more detailed notes so that I do not miss any information.

  18. My struggle last semester was doing web post on time. This semester i’ll have reminders set to help myself finish them on time that way i have zeros for homework grades.

  19. My Goal for this semester is to get pass. I’m gonna most likely gonna prioritize chemistry and focus more on this class than others. Hopefully I can get through this semesters easier than the last one.

  20. Oh boy, it is time for the weekly webposts to resume after that wonderful two week winter break. It has been a while since I last did a webpost so forgive me if I make some errors regarding the topic or format. The topic for the first week back from break is what our goals for the second semester are and what we’ll do to meet those goals. My goal of course, judging by my performance last semester, is to keep up on assignments and study more. Although I studied last semester, it was rather rushed through some of the time without any deeper thinking into the subject, in other words it was simply just memorization. This semester, I plan to spend longer time studying and using more of those listed websites that include the review games to better study. My other goal that I mentioned earlier was keeping up on assignments. Last semester, I did fall behind and slack in some of the given assignments which did result in low grades and even zeroes. Heck, one of the things I did last semester when I fell behind on assignments was rush through them, showing little to no work. I do regret those decisions that I made because I was: A. Unprepared or behind in the current subject at the time because of rushing through, and B. I got low grades which in turn affected by overall class grade. This semester I plan to combat this by actually doing what I’ll say I do (allocating my time when I get home, to complete chemistry while staying on top of the work from my other classes), and by paying better attention in class. I do hope these plans work as I cannot afford to fail chemistry whatsoever. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  21. My goal for this semester is to turn in all my homework, I normally did my homework but I’d always leave it’s somewhere and so I had several zero’s last semester I plan to change that by putting my homework in my bag once I’m done

  22. My goal for the second semester is to overall make better grades and not forget to do my assignments. to achieve this I will study harder for tests and I will write down my homework assignments.

  23. My goal for this 2nd semester is to not have any zeros on homework and web posts. I will do my best with the task at hand and attempt to get an 85 or higher in the class.

  24. My goal is to have better time management and I am going to put important things first and try not to waste time to make this goal happen.

  25. My goal for second semester is to not get lazy just because it is my last semester of high school. This includes doing all my homework, web posts, and studying.

  26. my goal is to not have to go to summer school so hopefully i can get a high enough grade to balance my last semester grade to passing

  27. My goal is to finish chemistry with a B. I am going to study harder and stop relaxing on weekends and study harder.

  28. I will do my absolute best in every assignment that i receive. I will read all information thoroughly and apply myself completely to the problem at hand.

  29. My goal for this semester is to quit procrastinating. I’m going to study two days before and make sure to check the syllabus weekly.

  30. My goal is to make a higher overall grade both for the class and the final exam. I will study harder and spend more time practicing problems.

  31. My 2nd semester goals are to definitely find a new more efficient way of studying for myself. Im going to try to meet this goal by trying out a variety of ways to study until I start really learning things.

  32. My goal this semester is to raise my overall grade to at least a high B. I’ll do this by not allowing myself to get 0s for things like homework grades, I will do my best to not procrastinate, and I’m going to apply myself the best I can to understand all the material.

  33. My triumph this week was studying starting on monday night not thursday night. i did this because i wanted to actually know it this time. it was a triumph because i don’t usually do this.

  34. My triumph of the week would be learning and knowing how to find the percent composition of a certain thing within a given item (as well as knowing how to find the percent composition of a certain element in a compound).

  35. My triumph this week is learning how to do all of the work we have learned this week. I have done well with learning the percent composition and Q-Formula problems this week.

  36. My triumph this week is that I for once understood something in class. I understood how to find the percentage in an element.

  37. My triumph this week is being able to understand to find a percent of an element in a compound, and using it in different ways to find different measures of a chemical formula.

  38. My triumph this week has been actually understanding the math in class. I usually use my math brain instead of my chemistry brain to solve problems. Now, I have been able to understand the reason behind some of the equations used.

  39. My triumph this week in chemistry would be fully understanding the formulas and problems we do, and the reason behind why its done that way.

  40. my triumph this week would be i understand pretty well the empirical problems. the only thing i need to work on is to converting it to molecules

  41. My triumph this week was turning in homework on time and staying focused during class because I usually forget to turn in an assignment when I don’t check the syllabus.

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