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  1. Through my STEM article I found out that scientist have created a device that hooks up to your phone that can determine how hot a chili pepper is. A user drops a droplet of chili pepper onto the sensor that then sends the chemicals to the phone to tell the user how hot it is.

  2. My SItN assignment was about the effectivity of typing notes in class rather than handwriting them. Expert neuropsychologists believed that writing was the most effective way to memorize material, so these experts performed an experiment on adults and preteens to prove their point. It was then proven that writing engages the memory portion of the brain while typing does not, and this provides validity to their statement about writing being more effective than typing when it comes to memorization.

  3. Scientists discovered that platypuses are fluorescent under ultraviolet light. The have no reasoning or idea as to why they glow and because they do not have much knowledge about nocturnal animals it could take a long time to understand why.

  4. My SItN assignment was about the effectiveness of writing notes rather than typing them. Van der Meer, a neurophysiologist that works at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, conducted an experiment on 24 subjects- 12 seventh graders and 12 adults. Each subject was wearing a cap that held electrodes to their head which recorded what parts of the brain were working during the experiment. The results of the experiment concluded that writing notes turns on the memory, learning, and language areas of your brain.

  5. My SltN assignment was about mouse’s and how they behaved in their cage. In the cage had 3 mouse’s and I had to keep track of one of the mouse’s daily activities and to answer questions on what they were doing during that time. I observed that the mouse mostly just ate and ran around its cage with the other mouse’s,

  6. My topic for SiTN had to do with using lasers to recreate supernovas on a smaller scale. While some of the science was very complicated, the use of this study will help us learn more about our magnificent universe, but could also help us discover a new usable source of energy.

  7. My SITN article was about how scientist found definite proof of there being water on the moon. Scientists at the university of Hawaii used water’s spectral signature from a infrared telescope and found signals in the Clavius crater on the moon. They also found ice trapped in impact glasses, which form when small meteorites strike the lunar surface of the moon.

  8. My SITN was about water being discovered on the moon. Scientist used equipment to discover particles that were similar to water compounds.

  9. My SItN was abt how climate change is affecting birds and how they live. Scientist from Illinois have seen a huge increase in the climate and they were curious of how it was affecting the birds. They came to conclusion that the climate doesn’t affect the birds directly but indirectly. There food sources are being affected by the climate change.

  10. COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing across the globe. There are 4 things we can do in order to lessen the cases: Mask up, lock down, trace infected contacts, and be patient.

  11. My topic was how writing out your notes is better than typing them out. It help you learn better and remember them too. She took 24 people and put electrodes on their head and told them to write and type notes and writing them activated different parts of the brain.

  12. Recently a study has been done showing the effectiveness of handwriting notes is much more than that of typing notes. Typing activates less areas in the brain than writing does, therefore enhancing the brains capacity to understand material.

  13. A group of conservation biologist figured out a way to help a group of endangered gibbons cross a giant valley without them having to jump from tree to tree and risk them hurting themselves. The biologist built a rope bridge across the giant gap so the gibbon wouldn’t have to rely on one weak tree branch, but now had a sturdy rope bridge that could help them get across safely.

  14. A group of scientists did research on what makes people attractive. They found out that if you have a symmetrical face that people find you attractive. They also found that if you are familiar with the person they may also find you attractive.

  15. My topic was about ways to study more efficiently. The article gave 10 tips on how to study smarter, not longer, and make it more efficient.

  16. My topic for my SiTN was about ways to study more efficiently. The article gave 10 tips on how to study smarter, not longer, and make it more efficient.

  17. My SITN assignment was about algorithms. It told about how different frequently used companies use algorithms for each user. They took data from what the user looks at and searches and make an algorithm based on those things, in order to keep them interested. This makes them keep using these prestigious companies and the companies makes more and more money.

  18. My topic was how the brain differentiates between genders when learning about math. It was proving if gender is or isn’t a factor to how our brain functions. In the end, the results showed that gender doesn’t matter when the brain functions math.

  19. My sitn was based on whether or not writing notes or typing them had any effect on remembering information. The study showed that writing notes was better than typing them.

  20. My science in the news was about what would happen if our sun were to shrink or die. The research there showed how the sun would turn into a white dwarf after billions of years of releasing energy causing a nebula.

  21. this week i triumphed in keeping up with both my work and syllabus. i have already started to study for the test and i feel like i have kept up with my homework.

  22. My triumph for the week was getting better from the recent illness that I had, and being able to return back to school physically.

  23. my triumph this week was understanding how to write chemical formulas, and to memorize the polyatomic ions. i feel like I’ve succeeded at learning the polyatomic ions since i knew them all on the test.

  24. My triumph this week is that I passed my polyatomic ion quiz, I was worried that if I failed it I would have failed the class, but I passed it and it made my week. I had to study over and over again and memorize where each place was

  25. My triumph for this week was making an A on the polyatomic ions quiz. I worried that when it came time to take the quiz I would forget everything, but I kept my cool and made a good grade.

  26. This week my triumph was actually being able to catch on to what we learned this week. I was able to do only a few practice problems and now I can do empirical formulas and %Compostion like its nothing. I feel proud that I understand this.

  27. My triumph this week is staying on task. I have stayed on task very well this week and i thought it would be hard with next week being thanksgiving. I did this by just telling myself that we are off next week so just get through this one.

  28. My triumph this week was being able to attend class through zoom. Remembering where to go and find the link and stay focused even though i’m not in class in person.

  29. My triumph this week was doing really well on both the polyatomic ions quiz. I achieved this by actually studying for once in my life, and I did fantastic!

  30. my triumph this week was passing both of my polyatomic quizzes. I did this by going to a quiet place in my house and spending 25 minutes learning the names and then 25 more minutes learning the formulas.

  31. My triumph this week was understanding the empirical and molecular formulas. I did this by being attentive in class and taking good notes.

  32. I did well at taking hood care of myself while I was at home sick. I knew I had no other choice but to be responsible for my own body and health.

  33. My triumph this week was getting all of my homework done before 9:00 pm every day. I did this my staying on task and disciplining myself.

  34. This week I triumphed in completely understanding how to balance polyatomic ions. At my other schools they taught a little bit of it but not enough to understand. I triumphed in this by practicing the science geeks and staying focused

  35. what do silicon and Carbon atoms do instead of gaining or losing an electron?

    They form covalent bonds in which they share electrons with other atoms.

  36. Can a polymer have more than one structure and still be the same polymer? No because the structure of a polymer is essential to its identity.

  37. Which transition metals do not have roman numerals when writing down compound names? The answer is zinc and silver.

  38. Why are some plastics more recyclable than others?
    Plastic is a polymer, so its structure and reaction to heat plays a part in this process. If the plastic has a linear polymer structure, it is easily recycled because they are thermoplastic, so it is easily melted and can form something else. On the other hand, If the plastic has a crosslinked polymer structure, it will be hard to melt and mold because it is thermosetting.

  39. How does one know what the charge is for polyatomic ion is? One would look at the periodic table and see which column the element is under to discover the charge. The charge depends in the column its under for example if its under column one it ha s a plus 1 charge.

  40. Can bigger compounds be formed with compounds that have already been previously created? Yes, combining multiple compounds that had already been formed and created with each other just creates much larger compounds.

  41. Which of the transition metals do not have any roman numerals when you write them down as a compound?
    They are zinc and silver. (Zn+2) (Ag+)

  42. How do would you know which element are negative or positive? You would have to look at a periodic table, depending under which column the element is under it would have so many negative and positive charges to it.

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