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  1. My goal is to stay prepared and ahead of what is about to happen in any of my classes. I have been doing that pretty well lately with the routine I created.

  2. If an unknown material is ductile and is malleable, what type of element would it be?

    The material would be a metal as nonmetals are brittle, noble gases aren’t solid which means they can’t be ductile, and metalloids are less malleable than metals.

  3. why is it necessary to know the latin names of the elements?

    Because in some stores they still use the latin name of the elements on the bottle label.

  4. What is the importance of knowing the element symbols along with the elements?

    Knowing the symbol for the elements allows you to not have to write the whole word out. Also scientist use the symbols when writing the names of substances for example instead of writing 2 Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom scientist just say H2O.

  5. When a paper cup is heated with fire it burns, but when a paper cup filled with water is heated with fire it does not burn. Why?

    When the heat was only directed towards the paper cup without water, it quickly reached its melting point and burned up quickly. The paper cup with water did not burn up because it had not reached its melting point. The heat energy from the flame was transferred from the cup to the water inside the cup, so instead of the cup burning up, the water started to heat up.

  6. What is the importance of chemical properties?
    Chemical properties are important because they can be used to identify unknown substances or building chemical classifications.

  7. Isn’t technological development actually a form of applied research? Yes because as technology progresses, we are able to solve more complex problems.

  8. Why do we need to learn chemistry?
    If we end up having a job that deals with chemistry will will need to know the basis and what everything needs.

  9. Why do we need to learn chemistry?
    If we end up having a job that deals with chemistry will will need to know the basis and what everything we need in that class.

  10. How is the periodic table organized?
    The periodic Table is arranged from from left to right in increasing atomic numbers.

  11. this week my question was what is the purpose of the periodic table other than just some fancy organizing. by the end i learned that it’s really just a way for scientists to communicate and understand all the elements universally

  12. Is learning chemistry important? It is absolutely important to understand the world around you, and I think it also is important because it applies to so many fields of study, as we saw in this past chapter.

  13. why are some elements said to be a solid and can be in a liquid state?

    Because the element can change its state by the temperature in a room or the physical state it’s alright in.

  14. As I am required to complete the weekly web post once again, I shall be going over what I think about my grade on the chapter 1 test, or in other words – rating myself and reflecting upon it. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I rate myself a solid 8. Last week, I had set myself a goal of getting an 80 or above on the chapter 1 test. Fortunately, I had made above an 80 but below an 85 (I shall not disclose the exact grade as it is Ms. Skinner and I’s business). To say the least, I am ecstatic that I made a decent grade on the test – in the class that I have a difficult time making good grades on tests and quizzes. Upon reviewing what questions I missed, I now believe the reason for not making above an 85 or even a 90 for that matter is simply because of human error, in which I made slight, simple mistakes. Especially simple spelling mistakes on the element portion of the test. If I had just carefully read some of the questions better and even studied the elements more, then I would have most likely made a better grade. But all in all, I am pleased with the final result of the chapter 1 test.

  15. So I rate it a 7/10. I thought that i would do better but at the same time i thought i failed terribly also. Thank God i didn’t but i believe I can do better next time. The way i studied was just read the book and looked over the study guide, and i think that helped. I think i have to read the book next time again but maybe add some more stuff into it to do better.

  16. I rate myself a 8/10 on the Chapter 1 test. I spent a good amount of time studying for the test and made a pretty good score. one thing I did well on this test is studying. I wrote all the stuff I didn’t have a good understanding of and try to learn it. I will use this same method for the next test.

  17. I rate myself a 4/10 on the chapter 1 test. I did really well on taking notes, and I will keep doing them the same. I did not do good on thinking through the questions. I had many questions that I knew but just made easy mistakes on.

  18. Something I did well on during the test was taking my time and making sure that I read the entire question and all the answer choices making sure that I understand everything properly. One thing I will do differently is try not to over think things.

  19. I rate myself a 3/5 on the chapter 1 test. Some of the questions I missed were careless mistakes on my part. For the next test I think that I should study more, and during the test, take a deep breath and go slowly to avoid making the same mistakes.

  20. I rate myself a 8/10 on chapter 1, I could have done better had I studied a little bit harder. Other than that I do believe I did well in comparison to my past test in chemistry. One thing I need to get better at is knowing the difference between closely related words. I will study over terms harder and drill down their meanings. I will try and repeat the critical thinking questions that I understood.

  21. I would rate myself 4 stars because I did better on the chapter 1 test better than I thought it would. What I worked on that worked was using more time to study and put away my phone to avoid distractions. What I need to work on is focusing on studying on what I’m not as familiar as with more rather than focusing on my strengths and weaknesses at the same time

  22. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week, I did really good on the test and studied well. This wasn’t too hard this week, and I hope we can be this good next week.

  23. A 78 on the test isn’t too bad, but I suppose it could be better. Looking back, I really needed to do study endothermic and exothermic reactions more, watch the phosphorus video, play the review games more, and overall just study more. I rate myself 6/10.

  24. I did really well on most of the chapter except on the parts where we had to watch a video on because I completely missed it. Next time, I will watch and listen without missing important things.

  25. I did really well on most of the chapter except on the parts where we had to watch a video on because I completely missed it. Next time, I will watch and listen without missing important things.

  26. I didn’t do ask good on my multiple choice and I wanted too so I am going to make sure I do well on the next one.

  27. my struggle recently has been studying. I feel as though I am struggling to study efficiently but i’m not sure how to fix it. Maybe ill make like a calendar or something

  28. right now I’m struggling with making these graphs online, to fix this struggle I’m watching the videos that were made and taking notes from them which is helping me understand them more.

  29. I have been struggling to be awake in the morning so I am going to start making me some coffee and/or eat a big breakfast.

  30. It is once again, that time where I must write down a response to the weekly web post prompt. As this week’s web post prompt is our “struggle” according to the syllabus of November 3rd, I shall be going over what I deem a struggle this week and writing down solutions to accompany it. “Struggle”, what does that word mean? As per the Oxford Dictionary, the word struggle means “a forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack”. But am I making a violent effort to get myself free of something? Not necessarily, but I’m making an effort to overcome a problem. That problem is knowing exactly what assignment is due and when it is due. Due to the graphing assignment that is due at the end of the week having 2 or 3 different parts, I am having trouble figuring out which part of the overall assignment is due and when said assignment is due. To combat this issue, I plan on asking plenty of questions (of course) and making note of the assignment details. Such a small solution creating massive assistance, if I do say so myself.

  31. The struggle of this week for me was most definitely the graphing. The google sheets for graphing was wonky and it’s kind of hard to adjust thing to be the way I wanted. Beside that i think that’s pretty much the only struggle i have this week

  32. i am struggling to find out the correct way to do the graphs this week, especially graph K its very difficult to get the trend line correct.

  33. I am struggling to keep my notes organized. They make sense while I am writing them, but once I get home they feel very scattered. I am going to try to improve this by being more descriptive with my notes.

  34. This week I’ve struggled with keeping my mind on my work due to the playoff game that we have Friday. While that isn’t an excuse for me to make careless mistakes, it is something I have to deal with.

  35. This week I have struggled with doing my homework. I have been procrastinating until I am about to go to sleep every night. I used the presidential election as an excuse to not work on my graphs on Tuesday and that was a mistake that I blame on me being lazy.

  36. My struggle this week has been juggling all of the content that I have to memorize for the upcoming test and the rest of the year. To overcome this struggle, I have been setting time aside each night to study the material little by little.

  37. This week I struggled with keeping up with all the printouts and being as prepared as I should be. I will make sure to remember that just because it was a short week it doesn’t mean that I cannot be prepared and I will be extra thorough on weeks that we have days off.

  38. This week i have been struggling with online school. I have been staying off task and having to stay up late to do my work. I will be at school next week so that should solve this problem.

  39. This week I have struggled with procrastinating. I have been putting off doing my homework/studying until the night before. Next week I will put my work before my other activities outside of school.

  40. This week I struggled with what goes on each of the axis and how to title the graphs. I am going to improve this by rewatching the video and paying attention to what it says.

  41. This week I really struggled with graphing, I still need to improve just by practicing and reviewing the videos, but as of Thursday I’m starting to do really well with them.

  42. This week I struggled with putting in the data correctly for the graphs in Google sheets, I will fix this by practicing with different sets of data so I can get used to it

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