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  1. this week i dedicated my spare time to really study for the upcoming test all this week. In that I proved to myself that i can do better than I actually think I can.

  2. My triumph this week has been trying my best to study for all my tests. I have been stressed but I have been working to relieve my stress and get my work done.

  3. My triumph this week has been study for all of my test ahead of time. This really paid off because I made good grades on my test. I proved to myself that I can do anything with Gods help. I also proved to myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

  4. Triumph: My triumph this week has definitely been in the chapter 1 retake. The first time I took it, I didn’t really study and didn’t think much of it, but when I had to retake it I studied hard and realized how important studying is.

  5. My triumph this week was making a better grade on the retest. I was worried I would make a worse grade, but I studied well and made a better one.

  6. We triumphed today in the homecoming game. But I also triumphed in keeping up with me homework during this exciting week.

  7. my triumph this week was doing better on my retest I did this through finding better ways to study and then actually taking time to read all the answers in the test before I answered.

  8. This week I think ima starting to get things done pretty well and get more productive whenever I’m home. The reminders I set on my phone really helped me with that.

  9. My triumph this week was studying the way that works for me and improving on my re-test. I also triumphed on knowing where all of the safety lab equipment is by memory.

  10. I did well in chemistry i think this week. I studied for my test and i did not lose focus in labs. I got all everything done and turned in on time.

  11. My Triumph this week in chemistry was Studying for the lab test because I was getting distracted when I was studying and I will try not to get distracted next week.

  12. This week I rate myself a 3 out of 5 on this week mainly for checking everyday and planning to do my homework ahead of time

  13. This week I rate my self a 4 out of 5. I am taking good notes and staying on task. I am not procrastinating doing my work.

  14. I’d rate myself a 2/5 this week on being prepared. Instead of being lazy or doing other things, I need to get weekend homework done earlier instead of waiting till the last minute to do it.

  15. I rate myself a 4/5 for this week. I really stayed on top of the syllabus and homework. I made sure to be prepared with some pre-knowledge of the info to be taught in class before class everyday.

  16. I rate myself a 4/5 for this week. I really stayed on top of the syllabus and homework. I made sure to be prepared with some pre-knowledge of the info to be taught in class before class everyday.

  17. This week, I rate myself a 3/5. The reason being is that although I have been keeping up on homework, turning said homework in is a struggle because I have spent the majority of the 1st quarter turning homework in online (in my chemistry shared folder) and the sudden transition to turning homework in in-person has caught me off guard which in turn has left me forgetting my HW at home. Otherwise, this week has been pretty good because I’ve been raising my grade up and I made a good grade on the chemistry equipment and lab test. I also continue to take good notes as well as paying more attention in class.

  18. This week gets a 8/10 I pulled up my chemistry grade ALOT and that is always good. It is also a short week and a long weekend. I have also pulled up my grades in english and geometry, so now my report card will be better than it would have been had last week been the last week of the 9 weeks.

  19. I will rate this week 2 stars. My chemistry grade has dropped a lot and I fill like I am getting piled on with work to do from several classes before the 9 weeks is up. But, I did pull up my english grade, so I am happy about that.

  20. I would rate myself a 7/10 for this week I brought my retest up 13 points and I got a 89 on my lab safety test which brought my grade up to an 89. I also did both my homework’s for this week both on my 1 free night. So I would call that a pretty good week.

  21. I rate myself 4/5. I made a good grade on the chemistry test, yet could have done better on the lab this Thursday. Overall, feeling pretty great about myself.

  22. I give myself a 4/5 this week I was able to get all my work and notes done in class and I felt like I was actually able to understand the material this week.

  23. I rate myself a 3/5. this week im pretty confident in my tests but i messed up on one of em so i think i could do better to be honest.

  24. I rate myself a 3/5 because my note taking is getting better, I just need to focus on my studying strategies

  25. My goal this week is to not miss any homework. I plan on doing this by double and triple checking all of the syllabuses that the teachers have.

  26. My goal for this week is to do deeper level thinking on my assignments and labs, and I will achieve this by taking the advice Ms. Skinner gives us in class and applying it to how I do my work.

  27. My goal for the week is to not slack on chemistry assignments (both homework, studying, and classwork). To meet this goal, I shall separate my assignments for all classes. For example, if every assignment in each class is due Thursday, then I work on stuff from certain classes on one day, and items from the other classes the next day. This way I won’t overwhelm myself with homework and will effectively get them done and ready to turn in on time.

  28. My goal for this week is to stay on task and to not get behind on week one of the 2nd nine weeks. To help achieve this I have begun to do my homework a few nights earlier when I had nothing to do, so I will not have to cram it all in on the night before it is due. I will also read the syllabus in all of my classes daily to know what I have to do that day.

  29. My goal for these 9 weeks is to have a 95 in chemistry I will achieve this goal by studying and doing all the homework

  30. My goal for this week is to learn the elements. It will be hard because I have play practice till 8pm but I am getting up earlier so I can study in the morning (I study best then).

  31. My goal for this week is to learn the elements and their symbols. Because this week will be very busy for me, I will do better at managing my time.

  32. My goal this semester in chemistry is to finish with a grade above a c. i’m going to study and do all of my homework to accomplish this.

  33. My goal for this 9 weeks is to make at least a 90 in chemistry. I will achieve this goal by studying, doing homework, extra credit, and going to help sessions.

  34. My goal is too do well on the elements test next week by studying hard, writing down the elements I don’t know until I know them, and using quizlet.

  35. My goal for this class this quarter is to have the best possible grade I can and do all my work to the best of my capability. I will achieve this goal by planning&managing my time accordingly and making sure all my assignments have been completed and are turned in on time.

  36. My goal is to work harder and study more, and not procrastinate until the last minute. I have been working good at this but still need to improve. I also want to remember to do my webposts before midnight on Friday.

  37. My goal for this week is to stop procrastinating and getting behind on all of my work. I also want to try to get a high B for this semester. I will do this by putting down my phone and not getting distracted by other things while trying to get my work done.

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