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  1. Chemistry helped me grow to realize what I need to work on for my study tactics and in general school tactics. I learned that this class requires full attention and daily work. For the upcoming chemistry students, my advice to them is that you need to work on chemistry daily because it is unlike any other class you have ever taken. Something we could have done was more physics classroom activities because those are very helpful.

  2. 1. Chemistry grew me to be a more responsible and persistent student. I learned that when I’m put into a stressful workload situation I’m able to adapt and prioritize what I need done.
    2. To not be laid back or overestimate the class, the class is hard and does force your brain to work but it’s not to hard either as long as you take notes and study.
    3.If I wasn’t on online school all year, I guarantee I would have done better. Taking notes in class is way easier and free of distractions.

  3. 1. Chemistry grew me to become a more persistent learner and has helped me take better notes. I learned that if I apply myself I can really understand a concept that I am struggling on.

    2. My advice to future chemistry students is to not get behind on any work because it will pile up on you.

    3. Not remote learning could have helped me learn chemistry better this year because I couldn’t learn anything on zoom.

  4. 1. Chemistry helped me to grow knowledge of the beautiful things God created in this world

    2. For future chemistry students I would tell them that whatever you do, dont procrastinate

    3. There isnt much wrong you did for me in chemistry that I could think of. I know that you did your best and I am thankful for that.

  5. 1. Chemistry grew me in a way that has changed me forever. I learned that things don’t come as quickly to me as everyone else and so I have to work extra hard on the things I do and even then I may mess up.
    2. My advice for future students would be to do all of your homework because even if you fail the tests the homework will keep you from failing.
    3. More labs would have helped me so much more. I am a hands on learner and so labs benefited me greatly.

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