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  1. E Hoy C4

    I learned this week that I have triumphed through quizzes, practices, work, and school. With all of these I learned that even though I thought I wouldn’t make it, I just asked God for help and he would help me to triumph through whatever it was. I thank God for all that he has done for me in my life. without Him, I don’t think I would be able to do half of the things that I do.

  2. This week I learned that even when you don’t do good on a quiz, it’s just God telling you that you didn’t prepare right. If God didn’t warn us like that, then we wouldn’t know how to study in a way that fits us. Without God, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything in this world.

  3. I learned this week that you have to study a different way for this class and it is harder than what i am used to. between practice, being sick, and having to do all my home at work God was with me through all of it. I prayed that he would heal me so I could get back to school and by Monday I was able to go. without God through all of this it would be too much on all of us and I think we all forget sometimes how much of a burden he takes off our shoulders.

  4. This week I learned to push through the day. Having band practice Tuesday and Thursday and having football games Friday and not getting home till 10:30 or 11, I’ve learned to be optimistic about the day. Even when it seems like I’m going to get nothing done, I try to push through and get things done, no matter how tired I am.

  5. This week I have learned to be productive every day and try my best to get all my work and homework done at a reasonable time even when I don’t want to do anything. having to go to football right after school and not get home until about 7 i’ve learned to just get all my work done at one time and try my best not to get distracted by other things.

  6. This week I’ve learned that not everything goes according to plan. It’s important to have both flexibility and faith in God. Only He knows the plans for us and it’s our job as His creation to depend on Him for everything. The Bible even says, “And we know that all things work for the good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” [Romans 8:28]

  7. Question- What in the density equation can you change?

    Answer- The mass of an object is always constant, so that leaves the volume left. For example, you can always change the container the ice (under ordinary circumstances) is in that would be changing the volume. You can’t change the ice molecule’s mass because it’s constant.

  8. Triumph- I believe I triumphed in football practice because I felt like I was a little more focused and I got more playing time.

  9. I have always known ice floats in water but I never truly understood why. I learned in chemistry the object will float on top of a substance if the substance is more dense than the object. This knowledge was applied when I analyzed the way the ice cubes would rise to the surface once I dropped them in the cup of water. This shows me the ice cubes are less dense than the water.

  10. Rate 3.5/4 stars-This week was pretty difficult for me with all the tests and homework that I had to do and also band practice on top of that. This week ended on a good note and I hope to keep my weeks and great as they can be.

  11. Rate 3/5: The tests and homework were a lot this week. Studying for all my tests were just as hard but thank God I got organized earlier in the year. Overall, the way I ended the week was good. I also enjoyed the pep rally on Friday.

  12. Saturn’s tilt ,which was previously believed to be caused by Neptune, was been hypothesized to be caused by a moon. This moon is also hypothesized to have been the main contributor to Saturn’s rings.

  13. This week I really struggled with homework and getting enough sleep. I get really stressed out when I have a lot of homework and I usually end up doing some of it but then I don’t finish the rest. And sleep, I don’t get as much sleep as I should but I’m a night owl so I naturally stay up late. I’m working on getting more sleep but no amount of sleep is enough sleep. But all in all, I’ve had a pretty good week and school year so far.

  14. This week I struggled with time management and homework. I’ve always been methodical thinker but that come at a cost. That cost being time and that ties it homework because I have to evenly distribute time out to my other subjects. So, it’s like exchanging time for long term memory.

  15. This week i struggled with keeping up all of my lab reports. I need to be sure to start working earlier on them so that I have adequate time to check and revise. I will work on my time management.

  16. This week in science, scientist have made a new face mask that can detect the presence of an airborne virus. This mask is designed to let you know early if you have been exposed to a virus so that you do not spread the virus to anyone else. Studies say that you can spread a sickness 2-3 days before you show any symptoms.

  17. This week in science, scientist have made a new face mask that can detect the presence of an airborne virus. This mask is designed to let you know early if you have been exposed to a virus so that you do not spread the virus to anyone else. Studies say that you can spread a sickness 2-3 days before you show any symptoms.


  18. In Science News Explorers, the dinosaur, Plesiosaurs, was thought by Scientist to of been slow swimmers. They thought because of its long neck and odd shaped bodies it was probably not a good swimmer. They ran simulations on what it would have swamed like. Its bulky body and its long neck caused resistance and drag in the water, or so they thought. When you add the dinosaur’s size, mass, and volume in the picture it starts to look like it could of swamed faster. They may not of been as slow as Scientist thought.


  19. This week in science, NASA has seen a direct look of Neptune’s rings in more than 30 years. Thanks to James Webb Space Telescope, we now have close-up photos of what Neptune’s rings look like. According to Stephanie Milam, “The rings have lots of ice and dust in them which are extremely reflective in infrared light.” This is describing the early photo of Neptune’s rings back in 1989 where the rings looked like white lines going across the planet. Future James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) observations of Neptune’s rings are still to come the more technology advances.


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