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  1. I rate myself a 3 this week. It was very long and I was trying to understand the things we’re learning while at home. Being at home makes it a little harder for me to fully focus on the tasks given to me .

  2. I give myself a 5 this week because I was able to do the work when I was in class but than I found hard to do them by myself also i required a lot of help sessions.

  3. I rate myself a four out of five for studying for the chemistry test becasue I typically would wait last minute study, but I started studying for the test as an early as a week before the test.

  4. I would give myself a 5 out of 10. I feel like i studied for the right amount of time but still had trouble with the things i studied for when it came to taking the test.

  5. I studied for the right amount of time, but I think I need to find a different way to study and remember how to do different problems.

  6. I studied the correct things for the test as well as studied for a good amount of time, but I now know I need to evenly split my time studying into different chunks instead of studying for hours straight.

  7. i believe i know how to do the problems and i know how to work them but when i come up to a problem i do not know how to solve it.

  8. There was phosphate gas found on venus. This means that there are possible signs of life. They checked it in 2019 and it was there and just recently checked and it was still there. This could mean that human life could live on Venus.

  9. This weeks chemistry test was hard and the science in the news was also hard. The whole process of finding a good article that have the requirements to answer the questions were tedious

  10. The reason California has so many wild fires is due to California’s dry climate. Another reason is because of the Santa Ana winds. These winds are extremely dry, which promotes fires to speed even more.

  11. I decided to research dark matter and after physics simulations. According to asked her physics simulations, there should only be one strong gravitational lensing effect caused by dark matter in 10 galaxy clusters. However, observations performed by cosmetologist have identified at least 13 strong lending effects in i ok new galaxy cluster. Astrophysicists and cosmetologists are working together to figure out a solution to fix their simulations.

  12. I struggled with knowing how to study properly and what to spend the most time on, so i’m going get some studying tips from the people who did well on the chemistry test that way I can learn new studying methods and hopefully have a better outcome on the test.

  13. Scientists have recently discovered that certain bacteria can clump together in space and survive for years at a time. This could lead to life being spread to other planets by a process called panspermia.

  14. In schools students are losing or gaining their self confidence by their ability in the classroom. For instance kids in non honors or AP classes have more self confidence then those in regular classes.

  15. Studies show that since the beginning of the pandemic, children have been getting much more screen time then recommended. With online schooling the screen time of course is even higher.

  16. I rate this week a 5/5 because chemistry was easier this week and we had a fun lab to do and didn’t have that much work. We also had one less day of school because of parent teacher conferences

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