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  1. I give myself a 2/5 because I didn’t pay attention as well as I should have during notes. I didn’t understand the half life.

  2. I rate myself a 2/5. I didn’t understand half life and I should’ve didn’t pay as much attention as I should have during notes.

  3. I rate myself 4/5 because I have done every assignment and I have understood half-life and radioactive decay. I think I need to keep this up

  4. I rate myself a 4/5. I have comprehended radioactivity pretty well and know how to do the problems and equations for it. I need to keep this up so I can keep an A in the class

  5. I give myself a 4/5 stars. I understood the half life problems and I completed the homework. I just need a refresher on the Q formula.

  6. I rate myself 3/5 stars for this week. I understand some of the half-life problems but I’m still struggling. And i did all the homework required.

  7. I rate myself a 3/5 because I’m not paying attention hard enough in class to fully get the problems, but I am getting my hw done.

  8. i rate myself a 5/10. Next week I need to be better about showing up to class and not procrastinating on doing my homework

  9. Toss 0- number of radioactive nuclei-200 prediction 65
    Toss 1- number of radioactive nuclei-125 prediction 50
    Toss 2- number of radioactive nuclei- 87 prediction 45
    Toss 3- number of radioactive nuclei- 49 prediction 31
    Toss 4- number of radioactive nuclei- 27 prediction 11
    Toss 5- number of radioactive nuclei- 9 prediction 2
    Toss 6- number of radioactive nuclei-5 prediction 2
    Toss 7- number of radioactive nuclei- 3 prediction 1
    Toss 8- number of radioactive nuclei- 0

  10. This week so far is going well so far. Everything I planed did not go the way I planed it, but that is normal. I will give this week 3 out of 5 stars

  11. Toss0- 200 Prediction-80
    Toss1- 56 Prediction- 60
    Toss2- 47 Prediction-50
    Toss3- 30 Prediction- 45
    Toss4-35 Prediction- 30
    Toss5-15 Prediction-10
    Toss6-9 Prediction-4
    Toss7-5- Prediction-2
    Toss8-2 Prediction-0

  12. I would rate myself a 4/5 I payed attention in class, and did really good on my recent test. . . But I forgot we had a web post

  13. This week, I did my science in the news about tumbleweeds, it turns out that they are not only located in the “Wild West.” Many of them are actually in northern states like Maine.

  14. I did my science in the news about the corona virus. The corona virus is spreading rapidly and there are no known safe ways to control it as of right now. the have locked down Wuhan China and surrounding areas in an attempt.

  15. I did my science in the news on an experiment on what causes curtain whales grow bigger than inter whales. In the passage they talked about how they put sensors on 100 different species of whale at track their movements and what they ate. The concluded that whales that at large amounts of small creatures grow to larger sizes; because they get the same amount of energy as whales that eat large animals, but don’t spend as much energy to get it.

  16. I need my science in the news about if you really need lead to protect your organs from harmful radiation during an x-ray. The radiation from x-rays have proven to mess up the reproductive organs.

  17. My science in the news was about scientists discovering what denisovian people looked like. They used DNA of skeletons and molecular patterns to trace back what they looked like. They soon figured out they look liked Neanderthal people.

  18. My science in the new was about the make up of the the coronavirus. Scientist studied how it was very similar to other viruses but was extremely more dangerous and they did not know why. They are still trying to find a cure for it and figure out how to contain the virus from spreading.

  19. My SiTN was about how a bacteria in mice made them forget memories after some time has passed. They did tests to where when the treated the bacteria the mice retained the memory longer. They are seeing if this can affect humans too

  20. I did not do the science in the news because i didn’t know about it but that was my fault for not looking at the syllabus

  21. This week I struggled with procrastinating. Next week I will do all of my homework the day I get it and not wait to the last day.

  22. this week i struggled with keeping up with assignments and having stuff printed off when i needed it. next week i will read the syllabus more carefully

  23. This week I struggled with doing all my homework and keeping up with all the notes. Also, I forget to print off the labs so I need to get better at doing that.

  24. My struggle this week is taking in all this new material we learned. It was a bit confusing at some times. But I aim to study it until I get it

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