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  1. My goal is to stay prepared and ahead of what is about to happen in any of my classes. I have been doing that pretty well lately with the routine I created.

  2. If an unknown material is ductile and is malleable, what type of element would it be?

    The material would be a metal as nonmetals are brittle, noble gases aren’t solid which means they can’t be ductile, and metalloids are less malleable than metals.

  3. why is it necessary to know the latin names of the elements?

    Because in some stores they still use the latin name of the elements on the bottle label.

  4. What is the importance of knowing the element symbols along with the elements?

    Knowing the symbol for the elements allows you to not have to write the whole word out. Also scientist use the symbols when writing the names of substances for example instead of writing 2 Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom scientist just say H2O.

  5. When a paper cup is heated with fire it burns, but when a paper cup filled with water is heated with fire it does not burn. Why?

    When the heat was only directed towards the paper cup without water, it quickly reached its melting point and burned up quickly. The paper cup with water did not burn up because it had not reached its melting point. The heat energy from the flame was transferred from the cup to the water inside the cup, so instead of the cup burning up, the water started to heat up.

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