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  1. This week I struggled with memorizing the poly atomic ions and remembering the chemical formulas. I studied and come test time I drew a blank. Other than that this week I feel I have done fairly well.

  2. This week I struggled with chemical formulas and polyatomic ions. I didn’t do very good on the test even though I tried to study.

  3. This week my struggle was Thursday nights homework with the Q formula problems. I don’t really understand molar mass and atomic mass and its problems but by the end of it with a little more studying I bet I can figure it out.

  4. this week my struggle was most definitely memorizing the names of the ions and polyatomic ions and chemical formulas but I will fix that by studying more and fixing my studying methods

  5. this week my struggle was keeping up with all my homework and assignments just because i felt overwhelmed with all of my other classes. I also struggled with memorizing all the stuff for the quiz

  6. This week I struggled with learning the new materials and taking good notes to better understand them. I will try to get better at this by trying to pay better attention in class.

  7. This year i am thankful for Tennessee beating South Carolina and how we played really good in the Alabama game, even though we fumbled it on the two yard line. I am also thankful for going to the Tennessee Vandy game next week.

  8. I am thankful for my friends and family. They support me in everything I do and are always there for me. I am also thankful for the life God has given me

  9. This week I am thankful for great friends and family. They have always been there for me God has truly blessed me with that.

  10. this week i am struggling to name chemical formulas with charges. i need to make sure i have to formulas down and to fully understand the charges.

  11. my Struggle this week is me making rookie mistakes when finding the empirical formulas and making mistakes when finding oxidation numbers

  12. My struggle this week is myself forgetting a step in the empirical formula and I’ll try to remember it by studying the steps

  13. My struggle for this week was the empirical formula questions. It’s hard for me to understand but I think I’ll figure it out.

  14. This week my triumph was being able to turn in my homework on time. It wasn’t always accurate but I was able to see my mistakes and learn from them.

  15. I was struggle for this week is learning all the formulas and memorizing the different substances formulas.l, but I will practice this weekend and get better.

  16. My struggle this week was staying focused during the long formulas and problems. I intend to get better about focusing and doing my work.

  17. This week my triumph was doing all of my homework and turning it in on time. I also struggled with learning all the formulas this week.

  18. I rate myself a 3 out of 5 this week. I need to get on top of my homework and make sure I am turning it in on time. On the other hand, I am preparing for the test and hopefully my grade will reflect that.

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