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  1. My goal for this year and semester is to pass. I have been studying more and paying more attention in class.My goal is to do good on our exam and next quiz or rest we have.

    • I also don’t think I did to well on the test Thursday. I just don’t get some of the stuff we do and I should have studied more.

  2. This term and for the rest of the year my goal is to pass chemistry. I’ve been setting alarms and doing all my homework and as much studying as I can. I feel like if I put myself to it I can do it.

  3. This week was very good I learned that homework and being responsible is very important. I think me asking more questions has helped me. I get the material that I have been studying. That is what I thought about this week.

  4. This week we learned a lot and it took a big toll on me. I learned a lot about radioactive things and it was really cool. I need more help with it and wish to have a help session.

  5. My goal is to finish out this school year with the best grades I can possible get and to finish everything I do. Another goal is to pass every class this school year.

  6. This week I am focusing on bringing my grades up. I haven’t been doing the best I could in chemistry and feel like I could be doing more. I haven’t been putting as much effort in as I could be.

  7. This week we took a test and I didnt so good listening and study is a major factor I need to just get my study habits back on line and I will be fine.

  8. This week we talked about wavelengths n what they do I was very interested in how they worked and also I saw a cool spectrum. This topic should be fun and easy of I study and do my homework

  9. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I feel like I know more of what I am doing in this chapter. This chapter is interesting to me. I feel like I can learn more when I am interested.

  10. This week we learned about light spectrum and it was very fun and interesting.The Labs were very fun and exciting to see how chemistry worms.

  11. This week was a very tough week this week because i missed almost the entire week. I was very confused on what we were doing until i watched the vlog. It helped me out alot but I still need help. It will get easier by the day.

  12. This week was full of labs and fun. I realized how energy and electrons work together and how it made light. The labs shower me a lot and were very cool

  13. This week was very quick and fun we did the create a data table and I learned ways how it was made I’m ready for spring break and hope you have a safe one Ms skinner

  14. This week I rate my self a 3/5. I feel like I did good with homework and listened pretty well in class this week. I did all my homework and studied more this week too.

  15. This week was a very good week I learned a lot about novkr gases and notation. So saying that I would rate myself a 4/5.

  16. This week was a crazy week between the act and the explore zone. Explore zone was a very thing with the little kids i learned a lot and the little kids learned a lot too. This week was amazing and easy .

  17. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I had a good time with explore zone. This week I did all my homework and I am trying to keep my grades up. I feel like I have been doing great.

  18. I rate myself a 4/5 I should’ve done better on my test and I could have studied a little more and done more problems.

  19. This week I rate myself a 3out of 5 I’m still having trouble with dipoles but studying will solve that problem. happy Easter 🤩☀️🕊

  20. This week went by very fast I learned it a little more but I will.go and watch the lesson again. I would rate myself an4/5

  21. What I got from the project was not to procrastinate it will help with anything. God showed me that if I worry things will not get done and he will always guide you to your right path.

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