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  1. Rate and Reflect
    I rate myself a 4 out of 5 this week because I have done a good job learning and understanding what is being taught. I still need to improve but I feel like I am doing a good job

  2. My science in the news was kill fish pausing their development because of droughts. They did it to stay alive pretty much and I thought it was cool

  3. My science in the news was about Japanese kill fish and how they pause their development. They do this in drought so they can stay alive before they are born. I thought this was pretty interesting.

  4. Rate and Reflect- I would rate myself a 3 out of 5 this term. I would say that I struggled to study for my makeup tests and that I was stressed out but sometimes life just gets crazy and you have to do your best with what you have. I am planning on finishing out this year strong and to keep giving it what I can. I have learned to let go a little bit and do your best.

  5. The 3rd nine weeks started of tough with my being sick and missing a lot but I have gotten better. I am going to most likely finishing with a B and that’s good.

  6. I am having difficulty getting Powerschool to work and finding my assignments about what I am supposed to be doing. I would much rather just go to school.

    • G – Me too! It is so frustrating at times! For now, be sure and read what I post here and be sure and get the syllabus. And when you get to PS, keep hitting refresh. They’ll get things figured out and fixed on their end eventually! Also, let me know when you do get on if you can’t find something. Everything is pretty much linked to the Remote Learning page, so you can find it from there or from the top main tool bar or the side tabs. Let me know!

  7. I’ve been having trouble with PowerSchool. Kinda hate it but it’ll work out I guess. It’s weird to be doing online school. It is an experience for sure.

  8. I am having trouble access powerschool and knowing what i have to do for the week. Online can be stressful and frustrating.

  9. This week has been a lot easier than last week, because I am starting to understand the online assignments and how to turn them in. The project is still killing me though.

  10. I got a lot done with my project. I am trying to go ahead and get everything knocked out so i wont be so stressed when the due date comes up. Also it is getting easier to find my assignments and I like the due date being on Monday.

  11. I rate myself a 2 on the project because I am still confused on what to write about. I already have my sources i just need to put them on paper.

  12. I learned how to study for my test. They need to complete the extra credit and do the test info. Spend more time applying the stuff for the test.

  13. I struggle with procrastination. To fix this problem I am going to use a calendar and I am going to study for test and quizzes ahead of time.

  14. This week I applied what I learned in Chemistry. I was able to pour myself a half liter of milk into the blender to make a milkshake.

  15. I read an article called “Could disabling one protein cure the common cold?”. Jane Carette and and group of scientist figured out a way to make human cells resistance to a particular virus. The scientist found out that viruses attached to a specific protein called SETD3. Next, they tested what would happen if the protein was removed by using mice that lacked that certain protein. The results showed that the mice did not get sick when they where injected with viruses. However, it is not clear of the effect of not having the protein.

  16. My goal is to make a 90 in chemistry. I can achieve this goal by going to help sessions, webpost, extra credit, and doing homework.

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