Physics 10-3-19 2D Motion Problems Review & Help Session

PHYSICS: Wow! You have grown so much in understanding these problems! Here’s yesterday’s discussion of one of the relative motion problems (#44) and the torpedo problem – #7 from the 2D worksheet. Add #37 from the end of the chapter review to your homework for this weekend.

Below the vodcast from today’s class is the help session from this morning – #5 and #6 from the 2D worksheet – a stone is thrown and a bird in the wind.

Have a great homecoming tomorrow!!

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Help Session from Thursday morning:

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Physics 9-28-17 Horizontal Projectile Motion

PHYSICS: Great job today – and applying stuff from the last chapter no less!

Just go slow and easy, talk yourself through what you are doing and ask if the formulas you are using are legit. You’ll master it in no time flat. Watch out for squirrels throwing nuts!

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Hon Chemistry 4-24-17 Limiting Reactants

HON CHEMISTRY: So if you have 11 roller wheels, how many roller blade skates can you make? You know, really, limiting reactant is almost that simple. Well, the concept is anyway! You deal with limiting reactants in your life all the time. Now we’re just applying that same concept with chemical reactions! 🙂

Hon Chemistry 4-24-17 Limiting Reactants from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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  • Physics 9-29-16 Angular Projectile Motion

    PHYSICS – So we are finally putting it all together – angular projectile motion! Here’s the lesson – some homework discussion and then angular projectile motion.

    The number one thing to remember – Never use the resultant velocity to do more than find the vertical and horizontal components! And vertical is vertical, horizontal is horizontal and don’t ever mix the two!

    PHYSICS 9-30-14 Angular Projectile Motion from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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    Chemistry 9-5-14 Homework Update & thLAB: Density of Oil

    CHEMISTRY: I’m so excited about the work you’ve done over the last couple of days – applying what you’ve learned in class!!

    Homework for the weekend is to complete the thLAB: Density of Oil AND study SI memorization for any potential upcoming surprise quizzes. (Hint, hint!!)

    Are you clear on the thLAB: Density of Oil and what it’s all about? Here’s some discussion of the Density of Oil thLab that you might find helpful! Have a great weekend!!

    CHEMISTRY 9-5-14 Overview of thLAB: Density of Oil from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

    Image Source: Hannah Lloyd

    ACT Science Reasoning Hints, 5-18-12, Day 2 ….. the rest, for now

    Are you ready to start making your own luck? Good luck as you begin practicing for the ACT this summer. Here’s the second part of the hints for taking the ACT that we did on Thursday. Practice, practice, practice!!!

    And if you are interested in a summer ACT Science Reasoning prep session, check out the form below.


    Physics – Congratulations to the Rube Goldberg Competition Winners!!

    PHYSICS: Well, I’ll make it pretty later, but for now I thought you’d want to know:

    The winners of the 2012 Rube Goldberg Competition are…………………… the sound group: Corey, Zach, and Matt. Congratulations, guys!!

    And what you really wanted to know – so far, the following students are exempt from the 2nd semester physics exam: Corey, Zach, Matt, Jakin, and Sebastian. Wow! Five! I think that’s a record. Good job, guys!