Physics – Congratulations to the Rube Goldberg Competition Winners!!

PHYSICS: Well, I’ll make it pretty later, but for now I thought you’d want to know:

The winners of the 2012 Rube Goldberg Competition are…………………… the sound group: Corey, Zach, and Matt. Congratulations, guys!!

And what you really wanted to know – so far, the following students are exempt from the 2nd semester physics exam: Corey, Zach, Matt, Jakin, and Sebastian. Wow! Five! I think that’s a record. Good job, guys!

Chemistry 5-1-12 Single Replacement, Double Replacement & Combustion Rxns

CHEMISTRY: Wow! We did a lot today in just a very short amount of time! Here’s the lecture on the review and new notes on single replacement (with a little intro to the activity series), double replacement, and combustion reactions. Now that you’ve got everything on paper, let’s play with them tomorrow. First, the quiz. Then you’ve got to remind me to show you this really cool demo on combustion rxns. I call it “flaming bubbles”! And don’t forgot – we’ll start with the quiz! Good luck studying, I’ll be praying for you!!

Hon Chemistry 3-27-12 Synthesis & Decomposition Reactions

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow! So that’s where the pretty light comes from! Great job on synthesis and decomposition reactions. We’ll finish decomposition tomorrow. Now go forth and practice what you learned! (The balancing equations part, not the playing with magnesium part!) πŸ™‚

Chemistry 2-10-12 Periodic Table – History & Electron Configuration

CHEMISTRY: Happy Friday! How did you like playing Mendeleev yesterday? Hopefully it helped you understand the history of the periodic table that we discussed today.

Good job on remembering how to use the periodic table to get electron configuration! Can you do it now without the periodic table? This would be a great vodcast to bookmark, especially as you are learning to find period, block, group, type of element without looking at the periodic table. Don’t forget to practice, and have a great weekend!

Chemistry Help Session Wednesday Morning, 7:15ish A.M.

CHEMISTRY: Good luck studying for your test! Do you need any extra practice? Help session tomorrow morning at 7:15ish.

Have you checked out the study suggestion sheet on Edline? Chapter 3 Study Suggestions 2011

Worst thing you can do? Just read over your notes – even if you do it a million times. Best thing to do? Practice! Take your notes and make practice test questions with different colored highlighters. Practice the memorization by making quizzes for yourself. Practice working the average atomic mass problems, practice using isotope symbols to find protons, neutrons, electrons, AND practice writing and naming chemical formulas! Good luck studying – I’ll be praying for you!

Chemistry 10-28-11 Moles, Mass, Atoms & Avogadro

CHEMISTRY: So… how big a bucket do you think we’d need to hold a mole of frogs? πŸ™‚ Nope, not the furry brown creature that burrows underground, it’s a whole different thing! Here’s the lecture from Friday on moles, mass, and Avogadro’s number. I still say he has a cool name…

flickr photo by Thomas Hawk

Physics 8-24-11 Human Density Lab

PHYSICS: Great job guys – who knew water displacement could be so much fun! πŸ˜‰ Thanks Kamren and Matt!! Good job moppers, and fillers, and counters, and recorders! Now for the lab report. Remember to include that final question in your conclusion – “So why can’t some humans float?” And don’t forget – I’m very, very interested in your experimental design, i. e., how’d you gather your data, how are you presenting your data, sig figs, calculations, etc. Water, water, everywhere!