Lost in the Pacific Ring of Fire

Welcome to a great adventure! You’ve learned so much this year – not just concepts, but skills, and you’re still learning! I can’t wait to see how you are going to apply it all!

Here’s the place where you can post your questions about the “Lost…”. First answer – the due date is Wednesday, April 15.

A really useful hint? Go back and re-read the project again – this time with a highlighter. It’s amazing how much I miss the first time I read something. So what’s your next question?

Here’s another copy of the whole project, if you need it:
Lost in the Pacific Ring of Fire
Lost in the Pacific Ring of Fire – HONORS

Chemistry 2-27-20 Chapter 4 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY: God bless as you study for the chapter 4 test! Here’s our overview of the chapter from today and the practice we did on the problems, etc. Below that is an old help session that we did before the test one year. I think it would be great practice for you!

Speaking of help session – tomorrow morning, Friday, 7:20ish A.M. Come with a list of things you’d like to practice!

Have you checked out the Chapter 4 Stuff to Know Sheet? Make sure you memorize the things you need to memorize so that you can apply them on the test. And practice, practice, practice, the problems and electron configurations.

What about applications for discussion? Neon signs, photoelectric effect, spectroscopy, etc.? Another great idea for studying is to watch the videos that we watched in class – super helpful as you study for the test!! Check them out on the the earlier lesson web posts. Here are some of them:
Spectrum of the Stars (overivew of the results of the spectroscopy lab you did, shows the connection between our lab on spectroscopy and how we can identify elements), Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen (how we use it to know about the energy levels in an atom), Quantum Mechanics (about the roles of Bohr, Schrodinger, Heisenberg), and also Animated Quantum Mechanics.

God bless you! I’m praying for you!!

flickr photo by Marla J Aleman

Help Session repost:

Chemistry 2-14-17 Chapter 4 Help Session from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Chemistry 2-18-20 Electron Configuration Notation & Blocks of the Periodic Table

CHEMISTRY: Wow! You learned a lot today! Don’t we serve an awesome God?!? You probably knew the periodic table was really organized, but did you realize that it was THAT organized? Awesome!

Then, just when you were getting the hang of drawing arrows, I go and change it! But don’t you think writing electron configuration notation is a whole lot shorter than doing orbital notation? Don’t get me wrong, knowing how to do orbital is great for seeing how the electrons are paired, but this way is waaaay shorter!

Be sure and practice with the homework tonight, and don’t forget to use the Aufbau “chart”!!!!

Need extra practice or help with this chapter? Ask me about a help session next week!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Chemistry 2-11-20 Photoelectric Effect & Bohr Model of the Atom

CHEMISTRY: Fun field trip today!! Good job coming up with examples of the photoelectric effect. What? There really aren’t tiny people living in boxes above the doors at Target? And I just thought of another one, what about those automatic flush toilets!

Image source http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/photos/uncategorized/2009/02/11/brightsource.jpg

Chemistry 2-6-20 Wave Properties of Light

CHEMISTRY: Isn’t this a super cool picture of light? So tell me again, if we’re supposed to be figuring out electrons, why are we studying waves?

I’m thinking you’ve probably memorized the electromagnetic spectrum after that inspirational song; however, also sure you also know the uses of the different types (all except for long waves). Just in case you’d like to hear it again: Electromagnetic Spectrum Song

How’d you like the light problems so far? Be sure and learn the formulas, the two constants, and practice, practice, practice!

Hon Chemistry 1-10-17 The Electromagnetic Spectrum & Wave Properties of Light UPDATED from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Chemistry 1-29-20 Chapters 3A & 21 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY: God bless you as you practice for the test tomorrow! Be careful and don’t take the test for granted! Use the Chapter 3A and the 21 Stuff to Know sheet as a guide for what you are memorizing and practicing.

Here is the test overview from today. Below that is the vodcast from a help session on the chapter. Speaking of help sessions, someone asked for another, so we’ll have another help session tomorrow morning, Thursday, at 7:20ish A.M.

Memorize everything and practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! God bless you! I’ll be praying!!

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Chemistry 1-25-17 Ch 3A & 21 Test Overview from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Chemistry 1-28-20 Fission & Fusion

CHEMISTRY: We did it! Here is laaaaassst set of notes on chapter 21. If you have been absent, be sure and watch the vodcasts – we talked about information that isn’t in the textbook and also there’s a lot of good practice!!

Are you ready for the test? Be careful and don’t take the test for granted! Make sure you got a copy of the Chapter 3A and the 21 Stuff to Know & Study Suggestions sheet to help you get organized as you study.

Memorize everything and practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! God bless you! I’ll be praying!!