Chemistry 2-28-24 Advanced Stoichiometry & a Quick Look at the Test

CHEMISTRY: I still say stoichiometry is a lot like baking – sometimes you just have to get in there and get your hands dirty! We began class with something super important – a quick look at the test. And then here’s our look at #35 and #32 – the gypsum problem and the baking powder problem. Thinking through these problems is a huge first important step!

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6 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-28-24 Advanced Stoichiometry & a Quick Look at the Test

  1. This week I triumphed because I was able to overcome my homework even when it seemed like it was impossible. I did this by going back in my notes and also watching lessons over again to see how to work problems.

  2. This week I think I triumphed in learning all the steps on how to find percent yield because this is a very hard thing to learn and I thought I got the handle of it fairly fast!

  3. This week I triumph by taking good notes and finish my homework. This week has been a good week but I am ready for spring break.

  4. This week I triumphed by teaching myself through notes and help sessions how to do percent yield and stoicometry problems. Im now ready for the test.

  5. Sometimes I did well this week was studying better for my test. I might not have done great, but I feel like I had a better study habit than usual.

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