Chemistry 2-6-24 Decomposition Reactions

CHEMISTRY: What!?! You mean there aren’t little green people on lonely country roads? 😉

Good job on decomposition reactions today! And then when we get to moving – I have to go and add guidelines from the activity series that complicate things. Really though – they just offer more explanation of what really going on in the world.

Here’s our discussion of the five decomposition reactions and the parts of the activity series that guide us through forming oxides and decomposing oxides.

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7 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-6-24 Decomposition Reactions

  1. Something I have done good this week is learning more about chemical changes in our lab. I was able to focus on the chemical changes within the lab. I was also able to pick up on the rules we are needing to learn.

  2. This week I have triumphed in the classroom. I am very tempted to get distracted and do other things. I will try to stay more focused and focus on chemistry and get my work done.

  3. I have triumphed this week with paying attention in class. I have stayed focus to learn the activity series and can continue to do so by studying.

  4. This week i have triumphed in starting to study more than two nights before the quiz and know that i will be ready for the quiz on Monday

  5. I have triumphed this week by learning and starting to study the activity series. I’ve been trying to focus and talk more in class to really take in the information to be prepared for the quiz.

  6. I have triumphed this week by grasping the current chapter really well. I have also done a good job of taking it home and working on it.

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