Chemistry 11-14-23 Binary Molecular Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Do you feel like you have letter and numbers swimming in your eyes? This is one of those times that paying attention to details is super, super important! Here’s the lecture from Tuesday on writing formulas and names for binary molecular compounds. Part of it’s really similar to what you learned to do for ionic compounds, but another part is totally different. Details!!

Make sure you keep everything straight. Do something that will organize all the information for you, so you won’t get confused. Also, don’t forget the lists you have to memorize – it’s getting larger and larger!! And practice, practice, practice!!!

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19 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-14-23 Binary Molecular Formulas

  1. This week I triumphed in figuring out the molecular/polyatomic ions, their formulas, and how to name them because they took me a while to figure out how to do the work to figure out how to get the formulas and the names for compounds

  2. One thing I have done well this week was naming the binary polyatomic ions. I was able to pick it up quickly and learn the prefixes really well, and i was able to apply what I learned last year in IPC to this year in chemistry.

  3. One thing I have triumphed in is writing the chemical formulas for binary polyatomic ions. I was able to pick the material up quick and even assist my friends.

  4. One thing I have triumphed in this week is that I have memorized the polyatomic ions and the acids, but I still need to practice my crossing over part of the ions. I have also turned in all of my chemical formulas practices on time.

  5. This week I have triumphed by completing all of my chemical formula practices on my own, however I still need some more practice because I still need to know all of this information by the back of my head!

  6. One thing this week I have released that I am doing better at is the Polyatomic ions. The reason is because I have studied over the weekend and every day I try to practice them for at least 10 minutes.

  7. one thing i’ve done well is taking notes in class.Just by paying attention and hopefully that will reflect on the test

  8. This week I triumphed in being able to name and write the formulas for binary polyatomic ions. I understood the information quickly and was able to apply it in completing our physics classroom assignments as well.

  9. I think that I have triumphed in getting more sleep and time management. I started doing my work as soon as I get home instead of napping or doing something else. This has really helped me in most of my classes.

  10. This week I triumphed by being able to get on top of my homework. I got it done earlier than normal and I even went to bed earlier

  11. I triumphed this week with my naming and polyatomic ion memorization. I think getting better with remembering them will really help with the test.

  12. One thing i did well on was learning the prefixes and learning how to use them, I also got better at learning the polyatomic ions while paying attention during class

  13. This week I triumphed in naming and writing the formulas of the polyatomic ions and learning the prefixes. I finished all my chemical formula practices on time and got to help others with theirs.

  14. This week I triumphed in writing and naming the polyatomic ions. I have also been staying on top of my homework and planning around sports to have enough time.

    • this week I triumphed in learning the common substances and polyatomic ions for the test. I think I KNOW them not just know them so that makes me feel pretty good about the test.

  15. This week, I triumphed by studying in advance for the test instead of procrastinating and waiting until Thursday night to start. Every time I studied, I felt more and more ready for the test on Friday. Now that I have taken the test, I feel like I did really well and all the studying and practice paid off.

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