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  1. An underwater volcano emitted ash high enough to reach outer space and started a tsunami the height of the Statue of Liberty. Data revealed that the volcano’s explosion caused lightning 12-19 miles above sea level. Lightning is usually created inside clouds, but lightning can also be inside a volcano’s eruption.

  2. Two Texas researchers have discovered that combining a fungi called AMF with farm waste like straw and sawdust could break down microplastics plugging holes in soil. In an experiment they performed, they discovered the fungi treatment doubled the plant sprouting, and the fungi distributed plant hormones to the roots as well. Their research could help plant growth be sustainable under multiple conditions and environments.


  3. Scientist are now testing if Dinosaurs were extinct from a astroid or a volcano eruption. The way they are now testing this is by computers, and to have as little humans decide as possible and just let the computers take over. The computer test uncovered gases which could have killed the dinosaurs. They did test that would take years in a few short days with these computers.


  4. Scientists, through their research, have found large black holes in small galaxies or nebulae. These scientists found out of 25000 galaxies only 151 harbored a large or supermassive black hole. And the study also showed out of 111 dwarf galaxies there were 13 large or supermassive black holes. They state that these anomalies occurred when galaxies collided in the past.


  5. Drones are helping scientists find meteorites. A team of six people on a meteorite-hunting expedition can search about 200,000 square miles per days says Seamus Anderson. The area of which a meteorites fall can not be pinpointed to better than a few million square miles, which takes awhile to search. Drone based searching is much faster. Drones can do about 300 days of human effect down to a dozen on so days. It is fun and exciting work Anderson says. This allows them to search quicker and find more meteorites.

  6. Scientist have discovered that antimatter, which is the opposite of matter in charge but identical is mass, falls down not up. This research validates the weak equivalence principle, an essential component of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. It was originally thought by a few scientists that antimatter falls up, but most did not agree with that idea. This idea was hard to prove due to the environments needed to test something such as antimatter, but now scientists have obtained the research necessary through extensive studies. Antimatter does in fact drop, not rise.


  7. The James Webb Space Telescope shows evidence that the universe is expanding at a faster rate than usual. In a recent discovery it has been proven that antimatter is actually affected by the earth’s gravity because of this it is being pulled toward earth. After the discovery of the Polar Ring Galaxy astrologists think that there could be more hiding in plain sight.


  8. I would probably rate myself 3 stars out of 5. I studied a good amount of time for my test and made a grade that I could be proud of. I also was great at finishing all my observations for my lab during class and taking good notes during lectures.

  9. I would rate myself a 3.5 out of 5 because I studied a different way and got a good grade on my test. Also in class I normally do not take good notes but these past few weeks I have been taking good notes and writing down all examples she tells us.

  10. R – Reflection/Rate: This week I rate myself a 3. Since it is the nine weeks ending, I am getting ready to take a break and finish with a good end. I thought I did well on the candle activity and got a better understanding of chemical and physical changes. I think the reasoning for this was because I got to see and identify the changes and produced something within the activity. Although I don’t have a grade back, I still feel like I did something to help me know and learn as a student to grow better.

  11. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I got a grade I was happy with on the test and studied better for it. I paid attention well during the notes and understood everything. I was able to complete the candle activity at home. I struggled on it but I learned a lot of new things to look at when I am observing things.

  12. I would probably rate myself a 4/5 for the week. I was well prepared for the lab and I have payed good attention in class this week. I didn’t think very deeply on the lab though, which is why I deducted a star. Overall, I feel like I’ve done well this week. I also did very well on the test we had so my grade is now an A.

  13. This week I would rate myself a 4/5 stars. I did a way better job of studying for this test and make the grade that I wanted. I was also able to fully grasp the concepts of the lesson this week and write notes that I could understand. While I did struggle a little bit with making observations with the candle I was still able to push through and finish the assignment well.

  14. I would rate myself 3/5 stars this week. I’ve gotten my grades up before fall break, and begun studying for the elements. I have also balanced my time much better between everything I do.

  15. I would rate myself a 3/5 for the week. My grade for the quarter is an A, and I have started to study the periodic table. However I waited till Monday night to finish my extra credit, I shouldn’t have procrastinated so long.

  16. I would rate myself a 3/5 for the week. My grade for the quarter is an A, and I have started to study the periodic table. However I waited till Monday night to finish my extra credit, I shouldn’t have procrastinated so long.

  17. I would rate myself a 4/5 on this week. I have worked really hard to get my grades up before the quarter end. I feel like my observations during the candle lab could have been better, but I have learned how I can be quicker for next time. As we near the end of the first quarter, I feel like I have finally got into a rhythm of how to manage my time.

  18. On this week I would rate myself a 4.5 out of 5. This week I was efficient in 1) doing my lab on Monday. 2) I payed attention in class and understood the material well. 3) only took 3 attempts on my physics hw thingy. As we wrap things to a close this quarter, I am proud of myself and of my abilities.

  19. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week i did well to keep up a good pace for the lab and finished it early but i forgot to do a question on on the answer sheet because i was unsure what to do and didnt ask

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