Chemistry 9-21-23 A Last Look at Graphing Exercise 1

CHEMISTRY: Today we spent the period looking at your graphs, but first we did one last look at some things to watch out for on your graphs and on the questions.

IMPORTANT: Check the project sheets for the exact order of how you turn in everything!! After you assemble everything in a doc, then make sure your name heading and the title are correct on the first page (do this like you would a lab report). Finally, you’ll save it as a PDF and turn it in two both your Google Drive Shared folder and

Check the syllabus for the due date!

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34 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-21-23 A Last Look at Graphing Exercise 1

  1. This week I triumphed in getting the graphs right, once I understood what the instructions were asking. I did this well because I asked questions when I was really confused, and re-read the instructions.

  2. This week I have triumphed in getting the labs done efficiently because I read the labs ahead of time so I knew what to do when starting the lab.

  3. This week I triumphed by making sure I did my work right and staying on task. I also made sure to check the sllyabus daily to make sure all my work was done.

  4. This week I triumphed in understanding my graphs. After reading the instructions multiple times I understand how to graph correctly.

  5. This week i triumphed in making the graphs on excel. I did this by reading the instructions very carefully and listening in class.

  6. This week I Triumphed trying to make sure I’ve gotten all my work done and all of my graphs right. I also have triumphed trying to get my computer to work right in class and work the free excel. I’m used to the paid excela and it made it difficult to maneuver and work on the graphs.

  7. This week i triumphed by getting my graphs done at school since my macbook was refusing to work, and i triumphed by getting my work done efficiently in class.

  8. I triumphed this week in doing the graphs. I payed attention in class and followed instructions carefully. This allowed me to finish graph J and k in class this week.

  9. This week I triumphed in graphing because I remember doing graphs in 7th grade and doing excel graphs in computer. I also paid close attention to the directions.

  10. This week i triumphed in graphing because i was able to graph everything right and understand it without being confused. I also was able to follow the directions and turn everything in the correct way.

  11. This week I triumphed on making the graph and navitgating around the graph. I think I did well on this because I learned around the graph in computer class.

  12. this week I triumphed in staying on top of my work when I was out for 2 days because I was sick I didn’t get behind in any classes because on Monday I made a google calendar with all the assignments that were due for the week.

  13. This week I triumphed in catching up. Because Monday I want not at school it was hard for me to catch up now I have somewhat of and idea of what is going on.

  14. I felt like i did really good in graphing because Ms Skinner and my friends had helped me get through the assignment to understand it better

  15. I triumphed this week in doing the graphs because I have used them before. We learned how to do graphs a few years ago and in computer.

  16. This week, after a refresher on graphing, I was able to remember the fundamentals of graphing. This is because I have been taught graphs many time before.

  17. This week i triumphed i’m getting most of my work done in class and having little homework, i also triumphed in knowing when and what was due

  18. This week I triumphed with reading and following directions, also I worked out my problems and figured out what was wrong. I also triumphed with staying patient during times of struggle.

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