Chemistry 9-20-23 Graphing Ex 1 Hints & Info

CHEMISTRY: How are you doing with your Excel graphs? Make double dog sure you are following the instructions that I gave you on the sheets. I won’t accept your graph if you didn’t!

Today we talked about hints for setting up Graph K. It’s a more complicated graph. Make sure you identify which is the independent and dependent variable.

Today I also showed an example of a finished project.As you read and saw, questions must be typed, but Question A can be scanned. Have you thought about how you are going to answer question A? Could you use what you know about scanning??? Hmmm…..

And what about putting it all together? IMPORTANT: Check the project sheets for the exact order of how you turn in everything!! After you assemble everything in a doc, then make sure the heading and title are correct on the first page (do this like you would a lab report). Finally, you’ll save it as a PDF and turn it in two both your Google Drive Shared folder and

Check the syllabus for due dates! You’ve got this! Be a problem solver, but also let me know if you have questions you are struggling with.

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22 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-20-23 Graphing Ex 1 Hints & Info

  1. This week I triumphed with completing all of my graphs and learning to not get easily frustrated and be patient and ask questions if I’m confused

  2. This week I triumphed with reading and following the instruction on the graphs. It really helped me realize that you have to follow exact instructions and you can’t assume if you want to get the correct and perfect result.

  3. This week i triumphed with getting my work done a lot quicker and following the directions more exactly. I did this well because i learned from previous weeks to read the directions in depth before i go around acting confused.

  4. This week I did really well in learning how to make graphs. I kept practicing and I read the instructions intently and it helped me very much.

  5. This week i triumphed in graphing and figuring stuff out with the intructions and also helping others (without giving a fish)

  6. This week i triumphed in graphing and figuring stuff out with the intructions and also helping others (without giving a fish)

  7. This week I triumphed in the graphing portion of the class and the step development process. I had previous knowledge with excel so I used that to my advantage.

  8. This week I triumphed in staying on top of my assignments and getting everything done. I learned from my last mistakes to help me this week.

  9. This week i triumphed by getting my graphs done correctly the first time. I did this by following the instructions carefully, asking questions, and being patient.

  10. My triumph was the lab we did this week. My group was one of the only groups to finish our lab. We did well because we prepared ahead of time for the lab.

  11. This week in Chemistry, I triumphed by graphing correctly. I carefully read the instructions, followed what they said, and got both graphs done right.

  12. I triumphed this week by working efficiency and effectively in lab. This allowed Elijah and I to complete the labs and not have to make them up. Now we move forth and conquer this test!

  13. This week I triumphed in my graphing! My skills for graphing got better and better because I read the instructions and anything that I didn’t understand I would ask a question about it and soon enough I got use to graphing!

  14. I triumphed this week in my graphing i easily picked up on how to do it how to set it up and i made sure to read the directions carefully and do the graphs right.

  15. This week in chemistry, i did good in learning how to make graphs. It took me a minute to get the hang of it. Once I kept practicing and read the instructions i figured out what i was doing and was able to finish them.

  16. This week I triumphed with the graphing exercise. It was fairly easy for me because I could follow every detail of the instructions to get it done correctly.

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