13 thoughts on “Physics 3-23-23 Simple Harmonic Motion & Pendulums

  1. This week I struggle with the lab. What was suppose to be a two day lab turn into a four day lab and my group had trouble figuring out what to do. In order to figure what what to do we looked over the calculations and data and tried doing differents ways to find the same variable.

  2. This week has been a breeze because of no homework but not a breeze because of the lab. I would rate myself 3/5. I took the 2 points off because I couldn’t really focus on the lab and struggled a lot with knowing what to do. Next week I will improve this by paying more attention to lectures and re watching them when I didn’t understand them

  3. I would rate myself a 4/5 for this week I have understood the lab and the material. The only struggles I have had this week is getting past the slump of not wanting to do work since we are so close to graduation. I want to work on this because I don’t want to get behind in my classes.

  4. I would rate myself a 4/5 for the week as I was able to help figure out how to do the lab with my group after some brainstorming. However, the lab was supposed to be a 2 day lab, but it turned into a 4 day lab quickly. Also, since we have not gone over notes or taken any recently, most of the knowledge from this chapter has slowly escaped my mind. Thus in order to fix this, I will go over my notes over the weekend and rewatch the vodcasts.

  5. I rate my week a 5/5. I was proud of our ability to push through on the egg lab. This weekend I will build our box, so hopefully we can get stuff rolling next week.

  6. This week I would rate myself a 5/5. While it has been easy this week with homework, I felt that I did great on the work we did have, specifically the lab. My lab group was able to easily adjust after our first try at finding the spring constant was unfruitful. This weekend I plan on working on the lab reports a bit so that I do not have as much to do next week.

  7. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. We spent most of the week working on the lab. The lab was kind of difficult, but we figured it out and got it done. It was also a good week because we did not have any homework.

  8. I rate this week a 4/5. This honestly was a great week! But I have to take away 1 because I’ve been sick most of it. I pushed through and got a lot done this week.

  9. I’d give myself a 4/5 this week. My group did a pretty good job at the lab, and I was well rested most of the week. I knock it down a point becaus we still took 4 days instead of the planned 2 days for the lab

  10. This week I give myself a 3/5. We struggled with our lab at first, seeing as our first egg smacked the ground with immense velocity. However, we were able to modify our procedure and get close to the floor on later attempts. This adaptation greatly affected our results, so I give myself a 3/5.

  11. This week in physics was very refreshing because we took a break from lectures and homework to apply concepts from this chapter. Even though the lab took 2 days longer than it should have, we were successful in the end because we gathered new data and recalculated our spring constant.

  12. This week I crashed and burned in my 4 day lab but it was a lot of fun. We struggled immensely not with our calculations, but with our gathered data as a whole. After scrapping our original work and using a whole different set of data, we were able to calculate new measurements that resulted in a moderately successful run for our egg. Learning to adjust when things go terribly wrong will help me immensely in the future.

  13. My struggle for the week was the lab. We kept adjusting our equation and taking new data, however we never got it quite perfect, which was frustrating. However, we showed significant improvement from the first try to the last try, so I believe we still did alright.

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