Physics 1-25-23 Stability & Rotational Equilibrium Problems Review

PHYSICS: Ohhhhhhhhh….so that’s how they can walk across that line! Wait – why do they keep moving their bodies?? Great opportunities for discussion and application!?!

Here’s the discussion from today on how stability relates to center of mass. At the beginning, a quick look at a couple of torque problems from the homework, Torque Worksheet 2.

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Hon Chemistry 1-25-23 Limiting Reactant Review & Lab Heads Up

CHEMISTRY: Great job with the limiting reactant problem today! Remember a couple of things – for each problem, you know it’s a limiting reactant problem when they give you the amounts of two reactants, so you are going to have to work TWO different stoichiometry problems. At the end, the reactant that gives you the least amount of product is your limiting reactant. Label it! Also, that answer is the right amount of product. Box it!

And speaking of finding limiting reactants, lets do it for real in lab tomorrow. Will you be ready?

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