Chemistry 9-30-22 Lab Safety Test Overview

CHEMISTRY: Great job in lab this week! Wow – you’ve learned a lot!! God bless you as you finish up studying for Monday’s test! Be sure and check out the Lab Safety Stuff to Know sheet on the Test Info tab.

Here’s the review that we went over in class. In addition to the lab safety packets and the lab safety video, this is some VERY IMPORTANT information to study

  • All the lab apparatus at your lab station and in the slide show – be able to identify it all and know what all the apparatus is used for.
  • Know the parts of the Bunsen burner and how to light one.
  • Know the parts of the balance and be able to measure mass with a balance AND volume with a graduated cylinder.
  • I’ll ask you about safety control equipment and where it’s found in the lab.
  • I’ll also have the safety symbols and the information they represent on the test
  • Make sure you can both set up or draw and label diagrams for filtering and evaporating

HUGE HINT: Go back and view the earlier posts/slide shows on Lab Apparatus and the review on Canvas, Lab Tour, Lighting a Bunsen burner, Measuring Mass and Volume, etc. All of these are VERY helpful for the test!!

God bless you as you study! It’s a ton of information, but you can do it!! I’ll be praying for you!!


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16 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-30-22 Lab Safety Test Overview

  1. This week I triumphed over the lab work. I was a little worried I would do bad going in to it but we worked diligently and finished on time with correct results.

  2. I triumphed this week in the labs that we did. The labs had their ups and downs but at the very end i was successful and figured it all out. With the power of your brain and a good lab partner, you are unbeatable.

  3. I triumphed in a few things this week. I took victor in one thing that I think overlooks anything. The labs we did. I think I stayed on topic throughout the entire week and came out with near perfect results.. almost every time.

  4. This week I triumphed in getting my work done and doing my labs correctly as well. I felt like I had a big victory in all the labs. But at first I had struggled but I kept working hard and efficiently. Then soon I became victorious!

  5. I triumphed this week in the knowning what to find for the lab answer. I was worried thatwe would do bad in the lab and that something would go wrong but everything turned out well and I’m glad that we got the right answers.

  6. This week I triumphed in the lab work I was worried I wasn’t going to finish and get full credit but my lab partner and I worked hard and stayed on task and was able to complete it correctly and on time.

  7. I triumphed this week in my labs by getting it all done and turn in on time. The reason why I was able to do this was because I read it the night before and read it the morning so I knew what to do in the time I had.

  8. This week I triumphed in our labs. The main reason I was able to triumph in these labs was because of my lab partner and attention to detail when it comes to the safety procedures.

  9. This week I triumphed all the lab work. I struggled to get everything done in the amount of time we had, but after figuring some things out and using the help from my lab partner, I was successful.

  10. I triumphed this week in the labs that we did. The labs were hard but ended up figuring them out and it was easier. . With the studying and looking over them the day before and a lab parter it’s not bad.

  11. Rate/reflect- this week so far I would rate myself a 4. I would rate myself this because of the hard work I put into studying over the weekend. Reflecting back I would like to push through this week and work just as hard if not harder next nine weeks.

  12. This week I would rate myself three stars, because I feel like I did a good job doing the extra credit and studying for the test well. I feel like I made good use of my time and did everything I could to do my best.

  13. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I think I did a very good job of completing my extra credit and studying for the test. I feel as if I came prepared for the test. Reflecting back on this week I need to work harder on my in lab skills and knowledge.

  14. So far this year, I would rate myself a 7/10. I think I did a good job of preparing for class. I have found many new study methods that allow me to learn the material quicker, and allows me to apply them. Reflecting back on the year so far, I believe I could have done better on my labs by paying more attention to the details.

  15. I would rate myself a 4. I was very confident in our labs last week and I feel as if I did good on my test yesterday. I give myself a 4 because I could always do better in any aspect.

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