Chemistry 9-15-22 Graphing with Excel

CHEMISTRY: Today you are going to learn (or review) how to make graphs using Excel Online.

Here are the instructions for Thursday. (You are going to be dreaming about graphs!!)

IMPORTANT: Your sample Excel graph must include a variable unit (either x or y) that has a superscript or a subscript in the unit. This is so you can practice doing this step. Your sample graph is due Monday by 8:00 A.M. Don’t forget that also Graphing Exercise 2 is due on Monday by 8:00 A.M.

FIRST: You will be making your sample graph with Excel Online. Students can use this for free! Your first step is to sign in to your Office 365 account. Click here to log in  (If you haven’t signed up for a free Office 365 account with your school email, STOP and do that first. Instructions are on this weeks syllabus.) Using Excel online, you can do this assignment at school or at home and access it with your own computer, tablet, phone, etc.

FOR TODAY: Today your assignment is to make a sample Excel graph that you will eventually turn in to your Chemistry Shared folder. Click below if you need the files you need for today. You can also find these handouts under the Worksheet tab.

EXCEL Online Graphs Tutorial

Checklist for a Good Graph

SAMPLE EXCEL GRAPH: Copy my data from the Excel Tutorial to use for your graph. Make the y axis Mass (g) and the x axis Volume (cm³). Follow the tutorial for instructions on how to make your sample graph. Read below for how to include superscripts and subscripts.

Excel Online Subscripts & Superscripts: If you ever need to add subscript or superscripts to the axis labels in Excel online, you can copy and paste whatever number you need from this set in to the axis title.


Now go forth and conquer graphs!!


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22 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-15-22 Graphing with Excel

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  2. This past weeks I have struggled with the directions. When I say directions I mean like following instructions on worksheets. And I also struggled with pacing my self. But I hope to improve in those categories.

  3. I have struggled with the mistakes on my test. They were all careless mistakes I should’ve known how to fix. I can improve on this by studying more in depth and earlier before the next test.

  4. I have found myself struggling recently. Sometimes I have difficulty knowing when I should round in a conversion. I have been getting better at rounding by doing practice problems which allowed me to get a good grade on our test. Something else I struggle with is naming documents without a clear naming template. I find myself looking or asking someone what I should set the assignment name as.

  5. This week my struggle in chemistry had to do with time management on my test. I saw a lot of answers I could have gotten correct if I would have managed my time more wisely. One other struggle I had this week was with following the written directions !! Finally I have struggled with just keeping up with all my assignments.

  6. This week in chemistry I have struggled with mistakes I made on my test. In the future I will triple check my answers and make sure they make sense. I can also fix this by studying more and practicing more problems.

  7. One major struggle I had this week was understand how to use technology on a consistent basis. Sometimes, technology can be faulty and inconsistent because something you may need might not be there. This struggle is apparent on Tuesday’s and today’s lab when we had to work on the computers. Although technology was frustrating at first, I became to play around and luckily completed my assignments.

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  12. This week I have struggled with studying for all of my classes. I can overcome this by studying earlier and on separate days so I can get my studying done for every class I have.

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  17. I struggled with beating myself down for not doing my best on the chemistry test this week. What I’m doing about is preparing myself mentally for the next test and how I can better prepare myself so I will not be in the same situation I was before.

  18. This week I struggled the with the news on my test from the careless mistakes I made on questions I know. I’m going to over come this by slowing down and answering the question for what it’s asking and double checking my work to make sure I didn’t make careless mistakes.

  19. This week in chemistry I struggled with the fundamental science skills graphing. I am not good with computers and it makes me very frustrated. I can fix this problem by being more patient and taking my time to read the directions carefully.

  20. This week I have struggled with keeping up in chemistry class and focusing which causes me to fall behind in the recent labs. I plan to improve this struggle by writing down notes and answering more questions.

  21. This week I struggled with test and homework in the test I should have studied the harder things more and homework I should have look on the syllabus

  22. I have struggled with a lot of things mainly studying and knowing how to do stuff. I would think I studied good but after the test it didn’t look like it. I would think I knew how to do everything but I didn’t and would sometimes have to ask for help.

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