11 thoughts on “Physics 8-16-22 Measuring in Physics, continued…

  1. My struggle for this week is dimensional analysis and order of magnitude; however, I’m working to resolve this struggle by going back in my notes, seeing the book explains it, or looking up the concept to better understand it.

  2. My triumph for this week was staying on top of work and taking good notes during class. I was able to stay on top of my work load and even work ahead some by making good use of my study halls and working consistently through everything I had to do.

  3. My struggle this week was showing the right amount of work on the homework. To help with this, I will continue to practice problems and learn better ways to solve problems while showing enough work.

    • My struggle this week was time management between homework, sleep, and football. The best way I can fix this is by putting aside some personal enjoyments and using any extra time I have to get my homework done.

  4. My struggle for this week was the homework last night. I was at meet the trojans till 9 and I had to go home and do my physics homework. I spent an hour doing it and I struggled especially with the dimensional analysis questions. These questions confused me so I tried to listen in class today and understand the concept better. I now know what it was asking for and can work on other problems like the ones on the homework.

  5. This week I feel really good about everything we have learned. I have felt very comfortable doing metric conversions, sig figs, and scientific notation. At first i struggled doing dimensional analysis and order of magnitude problems. After doing last night’s homework and looking over the chapter again, I now feel better about those problems.

  6. My triumph this week was getting Thursday night’s homework done that night and not waiting until day of to do it. I had to stay up to midnight doing the homework and the graph, but it was worth not having to do homework the next day. I think found the motivation for this because I knew that I would be able to have a more relaxing day the next day if I did my homework during the night.

  7. My struggle this week was homework and the graph. The homework I was questioning myself with my work and the answers I got. I got through this by checking over it and asking about the homework questions in class to see what I did was right and what I needed to do to get it right.

  8. My struggle for the week was balancing my homework with sports. I plan on fixing this by spending less time talking during study hall and working on homework.

  9. My triumph this week was being able to easily recall concepts from Chemistry, such as sig figs, scientific notation, and the SI system. Another triumph of mine was being able to successfully graph in Excel even though it was my first time using it. Also, I triumph in that I feel more confident about the direction I am headed in so far. This is because I was able to resolve my confusion about the homework problems in class today.

  10. My struggle this week is to figure out what each classes homework expects and accomplish it, especially Physics. I struggled with estimation and trying to get my brain to work in that way. This next week I plan on spending more time on homework.

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