What a great first day! You’re off to a great start on a truly tremendous adventure. I’m so glad you’re in my class and that I’ll be able to share this adventure with you! Here is your assignment for tomorrow and for the next few days.

  • TODAY – Sign up for Remind. Follow the instructions on the Technology Overview sheet here on the website under the “Worksheets/Handouts” tab at the top. There’s also Remind info on Canvas. (Your parents can sign up for Remind also.)
  • Read the class info sheet front & back – sign it and ask your parents to sign it (front & back!!!). Bring the Class info sheet to class by FRIDAY. You will need it for an assignment in class on Friday. If you need an extra copy, the Class Info sheet is here on the website under the “Class Info” tab on the top left of this page and is also on Canvas under Class Policies and Procedures.
  • Enter your information in the form below. You may need to use the scroll bar on the right side of the form to get to the bottom of it. The form must be completed by 8:00 A.M., THIS Monday morning, but I encourage you to do it before then!
  • Check your syllabus daily to see what we are going to be doing in class this week, for homework, and for the due dates for class supplies!!

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13 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. B Varner P5: I expect to learn how to fail successfully while learning whether I want to pursue a career in physics/engineering.

  2. In physics, I hope to better my problem solving skills, comprehension of questions, and ability to think outside the box. I hope that I can improve my time management and ultimately better myself.

  3. In physics I am expecting to learn how to fail and how to learn from it. I am also expecting to learn in different ways than I am used to and think a different way.

  4. This year in physics I want to learn more about the intricacies behind God’s design for creation and better understand how matter, force, and energy interact. In addition, I also want this class to better prepare me for college and teach me that failure is not only okay, but it is even expected at times.

  5. In physics this year, I wish to learn how to solve problems better without having to memorize a formula and plug numbers in. I believe this would greatly benefit me, as many problems in life will not have a certain set of instructions to follow in order to solve them.

  6. This year I want to learn more about electromagnetism. I once took a course about electricity, but I still do not fully grasp the differences between current, voltage, and power. I do not how much we’re gonna talk about electricity though

  7. This year in physics, I want to take a deep dive and learn about the inner workings of the world around us, and how both motion and energy help construct our world and day to day lives. From this course, I know I will learn deeper problem solving abilities and how to look at a problem or experiment from multiple perspectives to retrieve an answer.

  8. This year in physics I want to improve my problem solving and critical thinking skills. These skill will translate to whatever I am doing in life. I also want to grow in my understanding of physics to prepare me for engineering in college.

  9. This year in physics, I am expecting to better my deep thinking and problem solving skills. Even though it will be challenging, I am excited to learn more about a type of science that I do not gravitate towards. Specifically, I am excited to discover how God has used various aspects of physics to intricately craft our universe.

  10. This year in physics I want to learn and polish a branch of science that I’ve never been fantastic at. At the same time, I aim to improve my critical thinking and problem solving skills while being challenged throughout this course.

  11. I hope to set a good foundation in Physics to better understand both the subject and my possible future as an engineer.

  12. This year in physics, I hope to not only learn what, but to also learn why. In addition, I hope to hone my study skills so that I may be better prepared for college classes in the future.

  13. L Kingma P5: In Physics this year I expect that I will be taught a passion for learning and for science. I expect this year to inspire a desire for learning more on this subject. I think I will struggle and through that will learn how to study and work hard in learning.

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