Chemistry 5-12-22 f & P Block Elements and Chapter 4b & 5a Test Overview

CHEMISTRY: Wow! We finished! Here’s the notes on the f block and p block elements. Now on to the test!

Here’s our overview of the chapter from today. Have you checked out the Ch 4b & 5a Stuff to Know Sheet?? Don’t forget you can leave off reading and writing noble gas configuration. Make sure you memorize the things you need to memorize so that you can apply them on the test. And practice, practice, practice, the problems and electron configurations.

God bless you! I’m praying for you!!

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7 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-12-22 f & P Block Elements and Chapter 4b & 5a Test Overview

  1. Chemistry helped grow me into becoming a harder worker. I learned that I can get a lot done when I am focused. For future chemistry students, you should never wait last minute to get things done and always pay attention in class. I think we could have done more labs because it could have helped me learn chemistry better.

  2. The main thing that chemistry helped me with was that I learned how to manage my time more wisely and how to study more efficiently. I learned that if I manage my time well then I will be less stressed. For future chemistry students I would tell them to make sure you finish your assignments and not to procrastinate and the class becomes a lot harder if you overthink. I wish we had more help sessions and that we could’ve gotten more help on more specific things.

  3. The main thing that I learned from chemistry was to listen to instructions and follow them. This is a very important thing because making mistakes from not following instructions do hurt when you get count off points, but you learn from them and grow to be a better student. Something I would tell future students is to not stress. Chemistry is sometimes a lot simpler than its made out to be. Procrastinating and making an assignment more complicated than its supposed to be is definitely one of the thing you need to make sure you do not do. One thing I wish we had done was get a study guide with examples of problems. Sometimes the book is hard to understand and study.

  4. Chemistry helped me understand that if I want to do good in something but also have to do good in something else, I have to have good time management to do so. I also learned that procrastination will be the death of you when it comes to chemistry. To future students I would say manage your time wisely and listen at all times. Just about everything she says will be in the test. Don’t fall behind or it all goes downhill. One thing that might have helped me was more physics classrooms before test. They forced me to not procrastinate and study. They helped me out a ton.

  5. Chemistry this year has made me overall better at paying attention. I learned this year that I learn a lot better whenever I talk in class more often. My biggest advice to people taking chemistry in the future is to make dedicated time to work on big projects and tests, procrastinating always makes you more stressed at the end of the day. You mig he get it done, but you will be happier if you get things done sooner rather than later. The one thing that I think could’ve helped me learn better this year was kahoots because I learn very well from quizzes like that.

  6. Chemistry helped me discipline myslef to study more for tests and pay attention because if I zoned out I would miss something very important. Advice I could give to future chemistry students is to do all your homework and web posts because those are what can keep you to have a good grade too many zeroes can cause a bad grade especially if it’s for easy assignments like these.I feel like chemistry was pretty good as is but one thing I feel like we could of done differently in class is maybe not get off track or have extra information that could be confusing that wasn’t necessary for the test. I feel like it overwhelmed me sometimes and I wrote extra down stuff.

  7. This Chemistry class helped me learn that I need to discipline myself to study more for tests and pay attention in class because if I don’t I make bad grades and I get way behind in class. Some Advice I could give to future chemistry students is to do all your homework and web posts because those help your grade also to pay attention in class and ask for your help.I wish that we had spent more time on most of the topics, I felt that I needed extra time to comprehend the complicated things we were taught.

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