3 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-11-22 History of the Periodic Table & Overview of Blocks

  1. This year, chemistry has grown me as a student due to all of the different skills I have learned and all of the hard work and tears I have put into it which eventually lead me to learn that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and have faith in myself. Some advice that I would definitely give to future chemistry students is to let God take control, stay on top of everything, do EXACTLY what you are supposed to do. One thing that I think we could have done different this year to help me learn chemistry better is to give us different ideas of things that would make it more fun that would help us better as a class and a student overall.

  2. Chemistry grew me a lot this year, especially because I learned so much about myself as a student, and how I learn. And that it’s okay for me to fail sometimes and that doesn’t define me. About myself I learned that I stress myself entirely too much about things I can’t control. One piece of advice I would give to future chemistry students is that it’s okay to fail, or make bad grades, 2 years from now no one’s gonna care about what your chemistry grade was, your gonna be okay. And find an efficient way to study, because you can’t study for chemistry like you do for other classes. One thing we could’ve done differently this year to help me learn chemistry better is making complex topics simpler, and fun to learn.

  3. I grew responsibility while in chemistry this year, being prepared taught me that. I learned that I can do well in a stressful and difficult class know as chemistry. I would advise future students to take clean, neat notes. I think we could have pre lab quizzes for the entire year so I’m more prepared for them sneaky ol labs every time.

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