Hon Chemistry 5-10-22 Intermolecular Forces & Ionic Bonding

HON CHEMISTRY: So how ’bout Johannes van der Waals and those intermolecular forces? Tons of application, from bugs walking on water to little fishes breathing dissolved oxygen. And what about the condensation that forms on the outside of an iced tea glass? Hmmm….

And then on to a different way that atoms come together – ionic bonding.

Keep in mind that when you write ionic bonding, you’re not trying to arrange a single structure like you do with Lewis structures. Instead, you’re writing an equation that shows electrons being lost by one atom and gained by another atom. And make sure you put the dots in the right order!

Image Source Gaurawa at http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=523181

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  1. Last web post:
    1. chemistry grew me and tought me that I’m able to push myself a lot more than I was aware of and that I can fail in certain places but pick myself up and work hard again
    2. DONT WAIT LAST MINUTES! If you wait the night before for every test then you will stress yourself out way to much. Give yourself a few hours advance to study and take regular breaks to give yourself time to recover and stay mentally focused
    3. Maybe take things a little slower. This help session and the class period review in the same day really helped me. Letting myself have more of a break and review to focus and take in all of the information helps a lot

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