Hon Chemistry 1-31-22 Percent Yield

HON CHEMISTRY: So are you a cookie dough lover? Not me – I like my cookies crispy!

Here’s the last of the applications of stoichiometry problems – percent yield. Lots easier that limiting reactants I think. You realize what we’ve done… we’ve finished the chapter!! Now let’s see if you can apply what you know – good times!

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10 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-31-22 Percent Yield

  1. Struggle: This week I struggled with grasping the big momma extra large problems. It was hard to use everything that we have learned and formulate new equations to find the answer. To get better, I am making an effort to do more extra problems and study more in depth for the test.

  2. Struggle: I struggled this week with some of the calculations we did in class. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the whole “roadmap”. To combat this, I am going to work lots of problems before the test and try to work them quickly.

  3. Struggle: This week I struggled with the homework that we had on percent yield. I was very unsure of how to do it. Then we worked some of the homework together in class and we talked about making a “roadmap”. That seemed to help me know what to look for and solve the problem.

  4. Struggle: This week I struggled with some of the big mama problems on our homework like #35. After Mrs. Skinner showed us how to do I, I was able to grasp the concept better. I still need to practice a lot before I will be ready for the test. I can use the chapter review to work on more problems and get more practice to fully grasp the problems.

  5. Struggle: This week I definitely struggled on the homework we had on percent yield. Every time I reworked the problems, I kept on getting the wrong answers. We worked on a few of the problems in class together, and that really helped me understand them. Next time I struggle on homework, I will try to work backwards and make a roadmap to help me get the correct answer.

  6. Struggle: This week I struggled on knowing where to start on the more complicated stoichiometry problems. I got lost because there was so much information. To work on understanding them better, I will write everything I’m given and a roadmap to better organize the information so it doesn’t overwhelm me.

  7. S – My struggle for the week is being lazy/unmotivated. Even though we’ve had two days off, I’ve struggled in finding the motivation to work on schoolwork, so I’ve put most of it off until the weekend. To help aid this, I’ve been forcing myself to work on a little bit of chemistry every day, so I will be ready for the test on Monday and get my lab report done.

  8. Struggle- This week i struggled to figure out a few of the road maps on the homework and big momma extra large problems. To fix that, I’ve been practicing more problems and I plan to go over more this weekend.

  9. Struggle: my struggle this week is probably time management and procrastination. This week, I had many assignments to do and often I would either put them off or get distracted while doing them. Next week, I’m just going to get them done as soon as I’m home.

  10. My struggle this week would probably be knowing where to go with my Q-formula and the road maps on how to work them. To fix this, I’ve been looking at how I did the questions vs how I was supposed to do it and I’ve been paying more attention in class to grasp the concept more

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